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    Navigator NCC500 question

    I purchased this a while ago on EBay. The receiver works really great for my purposes, moving the dish. However, there is still quite a bit of good wildfeed and syndicated programming on there. My question is not answered in the manual or anyplace online that I can find. The thing has the...
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    So how many hams view this forum??

    Need to update here - Since my last post - have new call sign. Wanted to keep the call areas straight. Now, KD8CON. Not sure I like it better than KC9AOY, so now I have to upgrade to Extra to get a better call I guess. Don't want to clutter the FCC with needless paperwork. 73 to all
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    So how many hams view this forum??

    morse code on C Band Good question with a good answer - btw - KC9AOY - Ohio here - General - I have worked MIR and ISS using 5 Watt HT and a Vertical J-Pole - doesn't take much at all to get to something that is line-of-sight and only a couple hundred miles away. hi hi OK, CW (morse code) on...
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    People never learn..........

    Fyi It was not HBO that came up with scrambling idea - it was actually Ted Turner. In reality, he was looking at "greedy" dollar signs when he contacted Scientific Atlanta back then to create the VC back then. He took that to HBO and Disney (the two that went first I believe) and showed them...