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    Rumor NO MORE!, SpeedHD, FX HD & More THIS WEEK! (NOW LIVE)

    I've seen channell on my friends house as follows 9475 - FX 9468 - speed 361- MAV 373- logo 374 - Fashion
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    Questions For Dish Network

    give more tuner atleast 5(not dual tuner) and stop phone call to check customer. If customer have problem customer will call dish not vice versa. because they are so rude i atlest know 20-25 customer who cancelled the service due to nasty phone call. I have also dtv for nine years and i never...
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    eastern arc

    Does some one have a picture of new sat(1000.4) for dish.Or can we use our regular dish 500 for 72,77 sat and different for 61.5 Thank you in advance.