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    Having issues setting up ibravebox v8 HD with Galaxy 19

    I had a previous model of iBravebox - I bought it because it was advertised as capable of receiving ACM/VCM signals, but it didn't. A common problem with that model was it would randomly stop powering the LNB - resulting in a signal loss message. I junked it.
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    Sun Outages-Late Feb.

    And by sun outage you really mean : "The best time to see what your furthest east and west satellites are and what is in the way." That's how I like to look at it.
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    CSPAN analog still there?

    Maybe means TRY IT! It also could mean using the ASI port (digital) vs composite video (analog) to be used to switch cable headends from analog to digital.Good luck!
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    CSPAN analog still there?

    I'm using a Motorola DSR 4500X - this model is capable of receiving DC2 un-encrypted channels ZK and FP mode as well as tuning in analog channels -CSPAN. It cost about $75 at the time. I suppose if you're looking for a dish mover, then an old receiver would be better. If getting CSPAN + a few...
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    CSPAN analog still there?

    The original transmission agreement probably makes a very specific demand, that in literal terms spells out that the cable consortium must provide a transponder and analog signal ..bla..bla..bla - fast forward 50 years and they still are.
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    CSPAN analog still there?

    Watching CSPAN analog is like a trip back in time - Just for fun you can give the dish a few clicks off target and watch through the snowy static just like we used to watch TV on our old OTA antenna. Ah memories.
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    Which table/chart should I use?

    Make sure your mount is plumb on the pole. If it is not completely plumb, no specific set of numbers matters too much.
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    What is the furthest south that anyone has gotten Anik G1

    It took longer than I was told, but F1 is all but abandoned now by ShawDirect
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    which ku dish?

    I appreciate the thought, but I'm on the island and it would take a full day and hundreds of dollars and ferry rides to get it. When I lived in Victoria, I could walk on the Coho ferry from Vic to Port Angeles, walk to the UPS store to pick up auto parts and walk back just in time for the ride...
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    which ku dish?

    Another piece of advice I have to make is don't throw anything out. EVER! I just bought a 1m dish off eBay last week because I tossed out the two 1m Winegard dishes I had until last year, but hadn't ever used them. Now I'm buying a Chinese eBay dish (for someone else) because the real deal...
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    which ku dish?

    To some extent it does come down to whether or not you intend to motorize the dish. Buying a good quality consumer grade dish like a GeoSatPro will lend itself easily to motorizing and give a solid experience, whereas a commercial dish is going to be more difficult to find the parts necessary to...
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    Dead Ku-band LNB

    Bandstacked LNBs are a specific type and require a specific option in a receiver. They will receive both vertical and horizontal frequencies simultaneously and send them both down the same cable to the receiver, using twice as much bandwidth. Where one polarity ends, the other begins. The upside...
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    Dead Ku-band LNB

    Isn't that a bandstacked model? It should show signal but won't show quality unless your receiver had a bandstacked option.
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    Is there an generic outboard DVR I can use for my satellite receiver, etc.?

    You can purchase a HDMI recorder, a small box that plugs in-line with your HDMI output from a device like a STB or other. It records to a USB drive. I don't know if there is one out there that can be scheduled.
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    BIRD 131 W

    Don't forget that CSpan analog is also on 131w.