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    2 DVRS and MRV?

    That is correct. I have 2 HR20s and an H23. I can choose which of the HR20s I want to record to if I schedule from the H23.
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    wireless ethernet adapter

    I think he's talking about a wireless to Ethernet bridge such as the Linksys WET54G and again I recommend using HomePlug and saving yourself the headaches.
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    wireless ethernet adapter

    This is the reason I never recommend using wireless for connecting a receiver and instead recommend HomePlug. Wireless is a real PITA for this application.
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    New Receiver: H23 (UPDATE: Now with Pictures)

    Get two HomePlug adapters. That will be the easiest solution.
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    Wireless Connectivity for DirecTV on Demand

    Correct. All the 85Mbps ones all use the same INT5500 chipset, so they will all be compatible. The HomePlug 1.0 (14Mbps) ones will work as well (although at a lower speed).
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    Directv now sells Wireless Linksys adapters

    Better off with two of the powerline adapters for $50.
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    digital to analog converters

    They are the same thing. TR-40 was the original name for it when they were showing it at the trade shows are the beginning of the year. Whne they actually started shipping they changed the name to DTVPal.
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    Dish Network Launches DTVPAL PLUS

    It's the same one in the DVR as in the Plus. The DTVPal Plus uses a Silicon tuner from Microtune instead of the old Thompson "can" tuner. FYI, it's the same tuner as in the Sansonic and Lasonic CECBs that got top ratings for picture quality.
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    Does Directv use splitters?

    The way the two systems work (DirecTV vs. Dish Network) is totally different. In a nutshell splitters will not work with DirecTV.
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    HD DVR and Wireless

    Powerline is a better and cheaper option.
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    HD DVR Receiver doesn't recognize 5lnb satellite dish. HELP?

    This splitter will not work. You need to run two lines from the dish.
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    HR21 Problem with Powerline Adapter and Wireless Router for DTV On Demand

    No, but Firehawk157 did, which is what preceeded those posts.
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    HR21 Problem with Powerline Adapter and Wireless Router for DTV On Demand

    The previous posts were about the online scheduler, not VOD.
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    HR21 Problem with Powerline Adapter and Wireless Router for DTV On Demand

    The online scheduler sends commands for your DVR to record a program via satellite.
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    hd channels wont work

    Is this on a new receiver that you just hooked up? When DirecTV sent me my first HR20, they forgot to include the B-Band Converters, which are needed to get the new HD channels. Once I got those and hooked them up, everything worked fine.