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    2 Hopper3 possible?

    I am holding off until two hoppers can be used on one account.
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    If they allow this, I may consider the upgrade. I currently have two hoppers and three joeys. I need the 2 TB of storage in each so that I can play recordings off of both . You can't access all of the recordings from Dish anywhere if they are on external hard drives. Sixteen tuners are...
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    Thinking of not upgrading to Hopper 3

    Yes I came to that conclusion myself a few posts back. My smart TV does have those applications. Thanks for your consideration. To your knowledge, does Dish provide any 4K other than from sources like Netflix? At this point even though I have a 4K TV, I still don't see the advantage of the...
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    Thinking of not upgrading to Hopper 3

    Thank you for that information. The Vizio M65-C1 has three HDMI ports that have HDCP 2.2 support and it has the Netflex and Amazon applications. Therefore the only reason I would need the Hopper 3 would be for when Dish actually provides additional 4K content.
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    Thinking of not upgrading to Hopper 3

    My primary television in the living room died yesterday. It was a 55" Panasonic Plasma 1080p HD set that was about six years old. I decided to upgrade to a 4K set, Vizio M65-C1. So suddenly the upgrade seems more attractive. But I have a question about streaming. Can I get 4K (compressed)...
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    Thinking of not upgrading to Hopper 3

    I currently have two Hoppers with Sling and three Joeys. I have external hard drives connected to the two Joeys. I have noticed that I only can play from content on the external hard drives from the Hopper that is connected to. I can't play the content of the external hard drives from the...
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    Global 3d box office doubled in 2010

    Global 3D box office doubled in 2010 | TG Daily
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    Playboy $16.00/month

    I have the "Everything" pak and will now be charged $16.00 per month when it used to be free with the "Everything" pak. Will I be charged a fee for discontinuing it? It is not worth $16.00 per month. The programing is repeated too much.
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    Tron: Legacy 3D

    I just ordered it too. Thank you.
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    Avatar Free to all 3D Vierra Purchasers

    There is software out there to rip to a hard drive or make a backup. I just filled out my form about two weeks ago. I purchased the TC-P54VT25. What 3D movies have you found so far that have the best 3d affects? There have been about a dozen releases so far. I just watched "A Christmas...
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    501 receiver

    I have been receiving phone calls and a recent post card from dish network stating "URGENT ACTION REQUIRED. Please call 1-888-383-3727 to ensure continued reception of all HD channels available in your dish network package. I live in New Jersey. I have a 501 receiver linked to two 500...
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    3D on Dish??????

    3D I am sure this question has come up before but the search does not give any matches. Does Dish Network plan to provide any 3D programing? Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: Satellite, Cable 3D broadcasts won't be Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: DirecTV updates HD receivers...
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    Well just got a look at my install

    Are they supposed to "mount it to a roof beam"? I haven't checked the attic but I don't think he looked for a beam to screw the bracket of the Eastern Arc to.
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    $99 charge. Who to contact at Dish?

    Where do you go for that online chat?
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    $99 charge. Who to contact at Dish?

    I had the Eastern Arc Dish installed. I have the $6.00 service plan. I still have two dish 500s one for 61.5 and one for 110 and 119. I need them for the the 501 receiver I have. I have HD, Platinum plans for a monthly charge of $10.00 plus Americas Everything Pack with Playboy and locals...