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Ray S

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Sep 7, 2003
Central NJ
I have been receiving phone calls and a recent post card from dish network stating "URGENT ACTION REQUIRED. Please call 1-888-383-3727 to ensure continued reception of all HD channels available in your dish network package. I live in New Jersey. I have a 501 receiver linked to two 500 dishes, one pointed to 110, 119 and one pointed to 61.5. I also have a 722, 622 and 211. They are connected to an Eastern Arc Dish. I have two DP34 switches.

I spoke to the dish representative today. They are going to replace the 501 receiver with a 612. It will be free and there will be an increase of my monthly bill by $3.00. Are they taking any locals off 61.5? Is that what is making the 501 obsolete?

She said they would replace my switches as well. Why is that necessary?

What can I expect from them when they come out? Will they remove the two dish 500s? They were left up to service the 501 receiver.

Will there be any channels left at 61.5? Will they be making any adjustments to the Easter Arc Dish? It currently receives 77, 72.7 and 61.5 satellites.
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Jan 4, 2007
Fairfax, VA
3 dishes? The VIP receivers presumably all connect to your 1000.4, while the 501 is presumably now all by itself on 110/119. Your 61.5 dish is redundant, since the 1000.4 includes an LNB for that sat location, and the 501 can't even tune in 8PSK transponders anyhow.

If you do as Dish wants, then you will have only the 1000.4 to look at. ;) A DPP44 is necessary because you will still have 4 receivers, but the built-in switch in the 1000.4 only has 3 receiver outputs. You might keep your DP34's, but then you would need 2 cables for your dual-tuner receivers, and I don't think they "work" with a 1000.4 internal switch. The DPP44 does work.

An alternative Dish didn't mention was keeping your D500 on 110/119 for your 501. You could take out all your DP34s and your 2nd D500 on 61.5, since presumably you have a DP twin on 110/119, and it has a built-in switch. I would not recommend this alternative because (1) you would still have 2 dishes on the roof and (2) the 501 will eventually become a boat anchor when Dish goes to 8PSK on Western Arc. I sold my 501 last year well before this change.
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