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    CONTEST!! Titanium ASC1 Appreciation Give-A-Way

    Thank you Titanium Satellite for all your contributions to this hobby, not only with equipment but also with the knowledge you share with everyone. At the same time, thank you to all members of the forum that take the time to repply to the many questions posted here and share their knowledge...
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    CONTEST!! One Day Contest - K1 PLUS Android DVBS2 H.265 4K STB

    I want to win a Free K1Plus STB And thank you for the contest. Sent from my SM-G935P using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Breaking bad not the tv show

    Maybe he was looking for a belt to hold his pants up... Sent from my SM-G900P using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    CONTEST!! Summer FTA Contest!

    Thank you for the contest, I would like to win. I am most interested in the C1-PLL for my second C-Band dish. Sent from my SM-G900P using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    C Band Dish Registration

    Do you know until when is the FCC accepting public comments? Sent from my SM-G900P using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    I LIKE FTA Mega Contest

    Congratulations wildcat374 and Fizbi!
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    I LIKE FTA Mega Contest

    Usually I come back home from vacation to a mountain of work, looks like this time I am comming back home to a prize! Thank you to all the sponsors, the admins managing the contest, satelliteguys and everyone else involved. A very happy camper over here this will go great to my new installation...
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    I LIKE FTA Mega Contest

    Lol, If this contest can be based on creativity Armadillo should win
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    Contest - Box o'LNBFs

    I want to win a box o'LNBFs Thank you for the contest Titanium.
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    I missed a couple episodes in the broadcast also. You can catch the episodes you missed on their streaming app. Very good documentary.
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    Contest: Amiko Mini HD RE

    Thanks for the contest KE4EST. If I win I will be using the receiver in a new C band set up I am planning to install this fall.
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    Contest: Dr. HD Satellite Meters - Two Winners

    I want to win a Dr. HD Advanced Satellite Meter.
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    Contest: Win a Titanium Satellite ASC1 and your Choice of a Servo or PLL LNBF

    I want to win the ASC1 and a C1-PLL. The ASC1 will move and the C1-PLL will be installed in one of the two 10' dishes I will be installing this fall at my place. One aquired recently and the other one back in 2008, almost 9 years ago! I got the one from 2008 when I was about to graduate from...