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    NFL 2019 Season

    I know it's been a while and I am 1000% positive this topic has been hit a few times...but... GOOD GOD, more technology has made NFL reffing the worst I have ever seen. IF you sneeze on a QB, it's roughing the passer(both in college AND the pros), if you accidentally touch a WR, it's a pass...
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    It's been a long time...What has changed from the "Sports Section"?

    Alot going on in the last couple of years. Some, some bad...but I did miss coming here. Also, been busy with developing my son's "basketball career" to speak. I have done alot of coaching and has developed into a pretty basketball player..and even added a little growth spurt. He's grown a...
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    NFL 2019 Season

    Hey Guys! I have to say, I am VERY optimistic about my Raiders! I would have been happy with a 7-9 record, but never in my WILDEST dreams did I ever think that after the murderers row of a schedule, no LEGIT #1 offensive threat and a bunch of rookies and a crappy set of DBs...would they be 5-4...
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    It's been a long time...What has changed from the "Sports Section"?

    Hope some of the ole regulars are still around...
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    2017 NFL Offseason

    Good news... Raiders finish at home 3 out of 4 games. Bad news, its the Pats, Bronco, Giants and AT the Chiefs.
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    Possible MLB Rule Change

    Hell...I have seen how some can only tell how good a player is based on their RATING in a video game. WTH??!!
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    Possible MLB Rule Change

    They used this rule in the Italy vs Dominican Republic game and it was awful. I felt horrible for the how tough Italy played tied going into the 10th and then, to have a man on 2nd against THAT line-up felt it was completely unfair. Reality is, batters take WAY too much time in the box. Umpires...
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    2016-17 NCAA Basketball season

    My point is not that they deserve to be in. My point is that win as losses should count evenly. Wins or losses should not have more weigh than the other.
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    World Baseball Classic

    I was at the game between the Dominican Republic and the USA and the place was electric. Though I am pulling for Team Puerto Rico, I was pulling for the USA. I have to tell you, until the US starts sending their very best, there is no way they will match the line-up the DR had. And now in the...
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    2016-17 NCAA Basketball season

    Some of the reasoning for choosing teams and seeds are strange. HOW does Vanderbilt and Michigan State get in with a 19-14 record? And not only get in built a 8 or 9 seed? HOW does Vandy have the #1 SOS and Florida, who plays in the same conference, have the 8th strongest or Kentucky has the...
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    2016-17 MLB Hot Stove

    One of the toughest 2nd basemen around!
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    2016-17 NBA Season

    Even though the 13 game winning streak is over, I was MORE impressed with this HEAT team than when they had their 3 headed monster in James, Wade and Bosh. NO all-stars on that team beating the best team in the league AND a very good Houston team. Just wow... And this includes having three...
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    Super Bowl 51: Patriots vs. Falcons Predictions

    WOW... that was a VERY close prediction as far as the score goes.!
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    NFL 2016-17 Season

    Congrats to the Pats and their fans. I hate that team but respect the crap out of the them. With that said, another team that made a HUGE mistake by passing when they should have run the ball. Both against the Pats...SMH.