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    Apartment Reception

    I have seen installations where the dish was pointed through the window work with only degraded signal strength, just be aware that if you have problems with it and do not have any outside mounting options or managements permission your on your own. Internal techs won't touch it without either...
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    Bad Install Resolved Beautifully By CEO Escalations

    "the LNB was still full. He replaced it and caulked it shut" My understanding is that he did replace the LNB, not sure why he caulked it either but if it fixed the problem and made the customer happy then why not.
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    Any dish techs in here?

    FSM/Baxter, MN
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    Dish Network in Iraq

    Thanks iceberg
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    Dish Network in Iraq

    My reserve unit has been activated and i'm heading to Iraq soon, does anyone know if I can hit the 119/110 satellite over there? Thanks in advance.
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    How to get a 522's S00?

    Menu...system setup...installation...system info
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    Installing Dish - installer rules make it impossible!

    If he only made $10 for showing up on site this was not a DNS installer. It may have been a sub-contractor. After taking a couple of days reading the bashing of DNS installers I have to make my comments. There are good and bad installers in every genre, be it DNS, sub-contractors, or...
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    Can anyone verify they got everything for $100

    Since the DPP 44SW is required to install the 61.5 with a superdish there should be no additional charge for the switch. If the installer tries to charge you for this contact your nearest DNS office.
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    My Dish Network installation didn't happen due to guidelines

    Driving a ground rod into the ground is not a proper ground according to NEC code.
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    What is a starband dish considered?

    You can receive 119/110 off of a starband dish if you have the correct bracket. there are two different brackets available one if your starband is pointed at 101 and another if it's pointed at 129.
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    Kickass Dish Repair Experience

    Suggestion: call the office that the technician was dispatched from (number should be on the paperwork he left you) and tell them about your experience. Dish Network has a program in place to recognize good emplyees.
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    Installation Scheduling

    The current system works something like this... Each job is assigned a set number of units ie: points, and an average number of completion hours based on the points/units. For instance a trouble call is given 12 points and two hours. Each State is broken down into management areas, and...
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    MDU install? can i do it?

    I guess I don't understand why you believe Dish Network should let you install this system. You don't contract to dish to do installs which means you wouldn't be bound to follow they're business rules for performing a commercial install. (I'm not in any way implying that your not capable)...
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    is My 811 bad or is it the dpp 21 problem?

    There is no such thing (to my knowledge) as a DPP 21 switch. You must have a DP twin and a DPP 44 switch. Check to make sure the power inserter is plugged in if your 811 is running off port one of the DPP 44 switch. If that doesn't fix it try moving the 811 to the place where the 921 is and...