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    97W 3952 transponder signal strength

    It turns out there was some hurricane damage. One mesh pie shaped section was torn loose from the frame. I have the 1/4 dish panel taken down, the old mesh pie section removed and straightened. Getting it back into the slots proving very difficult. Does anyone have any tips to share?
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    97W 3952 transponder signal strength

    For a couple of months now the signal levels on this transponder would nose dive around 5 pm local but come back up within a few hours. I figured it may be a sun transit but the transponder has no usable signal level at all now, at any time of day. Is anyone else having the same problems...
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    Contest - Box o'LNBFs

    I want to win a box of LNBFs. Thanks for the contest Brian.
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    OTHER New life for old dish

    The dish is 99cmh by 93cm wide. I thought the arm was bent as well but tucked under that bend is a hole for the lnbf cable and a nylon cable clip. The coax connection at the lnbf is hidden inside the rectangular tubing. Its the same size as the comwave dish that got trashed and of a much...
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    OTHER New life for old dish

    My Comwave Ku antenna didn't survive last winter. It got lose in a windstorm and is now shaped like a taco. A friend gave me an old "Dish" dish from the 80's and I would like to put it in service for FTA. Has anybody found a simple and elegant way to mount the 40mm universal LNBF to this ...
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    LNBF won't change polarity

    Thanks Cham, those are things which I have not checked yet. I also noticed some saltwater corrosion in the throat of the LNBF. Living close to the Atlantic makes everything corrode. Who would have thought that a hobby that is primarily electronics would involve so many wrenches :) Winter is...
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    LNBF won't change polarity

    I'm making good progress. After doing a string test and checking the alignment of the scalar ring with my homemade laser alignment tool I discovered the dish has some major alignment issues. Not surprising given the 140+ kph winds we had during the last blizzard. I have the C1 PLL back in...
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    LNBF won't change polarity

    The RXs are Geosat Pro HD and Openbox S10 HD. The LNBF is a Titanium C1 PLL. No switches of any kind in the signal path. Tomorrow I'll get out my voltmeter, stepladder and snow shovel and investigate further. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Cheers fred
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    LNBF won't change polarity

    My C band LNBF will only work in V polarity. I've swapped out RX to no effect. How does the LNBF polarity switch work? How do I test it? Next steps are to remove the LNBF from its icy perch and bring it inside to warm and thaw. Any help greatly appreciated. 73 fred
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    Got my license!

    Congrats on your new ticket. Drinking an 807 in your honor! 73 fred ex VO1MU
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    Arduino baud rates

    You guys are making me think about reinstating my ham license :/
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    SELCAL on HF - Sort of a Paging System for Aircraft

    I used to hear that often listening to the transatlantic aircraft traffic on HF
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    Ex Machina (2015)

    I enjoyed it
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    FM/VHF Antenna recommendations

    I like discone antennas. They are omnidirectional and can cover a wide frequency range. Perfect for scanner use. I'm using the FunCube+ dongle and SDR#. Tons of fun! cheers fred
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    Actuator Cable

    Thanks Magic Static. I assumed wrongly that shielded cable was required for the sensor.