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    Dish Hikes MLB Extra Innings Price By 6%

    EI beats MLB.TV in the laziness much easier to channel surf (not to mention the ability to PiP)....whether the convenience is worth the $$$, who knows :)
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    SatelliteGuys Remembers Bob Haller

    I am really, really sad to hear this news :( I don't have time to post much, but I still read. Bob always brought a smile to my face in the Pit..especially with his famous large font postings. Gone too soon. May he rest in peace.
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    Extend Range of Wireless Joey

    I want to move a TV into my porch, but the signal from the WAP is too weak for my wireless Joey. Are there any extenders that will work for my situation? I really don't want to run an ethernet cable and I don't want to run coax out to the porch. I noticed that the WAP has a switch to put it in...
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    DISH Network vs. SportsTime Ohio + unblock-us = Watching my Tribe! I may actually cut the cord now that I know how to do this. Thanks Dish & STO!
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    Dry-Cleaning and Doing Your Own Dress Shirts

    Good thread. I'll plug LL Bean and Lands End wrinkle-free shirts and touching up with a clothes steamer.
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    Beavis and Butthead resumes October 27th

    Timer set and I can't wait!!! I loved watching Beavis and Butthead in high school
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    exotic animals in Ohio escape farm

    They initially tried tranquilizers, but according to Jack Hannah, the tranqs take 10-15 minutes to work. This was a terrible situation, but ultimately human life needs to be put ahead of animal life. Hopefully this will serve as a wakeup call to our fearless leaders in Columbus, and we'll get...
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    USB Sharing?

    What model receiver? I think most of them have two USB inputs - - - one in the front and one in the back.
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    Blockbuster Movie Pass performance thread

    Thats really strange. I subscribed to BB by mail a few years back and always had lightning turnaround (sans 1 month when they were experiencing major problems). I wonder how much proximity to distribution centers has to do with it....I live ~~30 miles of the Cleveland dist. center.
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    Blockbuster Movie Pass performance thread

    Yeah...I thought it was strange when I got the email saying they shipped on a Holiday......not complaining, though. :D
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    Blockbuster Movie Pass performance thread

    I signed up on Sunday. First disc shipped on Monday and it arrived Tuesday. A++ so far.
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    DISH / Blockbuster Announcement Discussion Thread!

    REMINDER TO MOVERS: We can't get discs by mail. Please don't forget!!
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    DISH / Blockbuster Announcement Discussion Thread!

    I would assume so. I sub to HBO and it's there. Having it is a MAJOR improvement to Dish on Demand IMO.
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    DISH / Blockbuster Announcement Discussion Thread!

    HBO content is now available to stream on Dish on Demand/Blockbuster Movie Pass.....thats new as far as I know.