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    Cleveland Locals down?

    Had several neighbors out, but now it's back. I blame the sun. Now if we could just get the problem of the Sun making everything warm and dry here in Ohio too.
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    Cleveland Locals down?

    CSR said no outages.
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    Cleveland Locals down?

    Watching some baseball and suddenly everything is gone... 3, 5, 8, 19. (23 is still there, but ION sucks) Anyone else in the area out? (Out on both boxes)
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    This is one I don't get... why does Dish not carry the Sprout (PBS Kids) channel? It seems like it would be a channel that isn't that costly to carry, given PBS, and is VERY popular amongst the kids my daughter is in class with. Is there a major reason that I just can't find?
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    No hotpass?

    Just kicked on
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    No hotpass?

    Guide says hotpass now, and even the driver, but still just a Directv logo. no clue.
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    Thinking of switching to Directv

    I am curious to see the result of it... been doing this 7 years and still have not yet even seen my first SWM system. I have this weird luck, like I worked at a pizza shop for 7 years and never once had an anchovie pizza come in when I was on the line making pizzas.
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    No hotpass?

    All I got is Car1 Car2... 4 go to that channel I get the DirecTV logo. I am gonna try a reset and see if it fixes it. If it does I can call my customers with good news!
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    Payment reversal ??? Whats this on DTV

    Bingo. If it was a expiration date problem it would have just been outright declined to begin with.
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    No hotpass?

    Just got a couple calls and I checked on my tv... no Nascar hotpass today? Is it completely gone or just problems this week? It was there last week.... am I missing something?
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    Down the road

    That would be a HUGE difference. I have spoken with DTV reps many times about this, generally in reference to a camper, and if it is the same household and the "vacation" residence is not used simultaneously as the permanent residence they don't have a problem with it at all. Taking your...
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    Off-the-record DirecTV Installation

    I am in Canton, may be able to help if all else fails. BTW, I am guessing this isn't anytime soon given that I just was outside having a smoke and noticed a "summer cottage" would not be in season right now, LOL.
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    Installation Verification Fail 99 13v ODD

    Main point of this thread... why is this happening?
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    Installation Verification Fail 99 13v ODD

    I am on hold with ISS forever right now waiting to talk to them... but the dish is tuned in fine. Did the forced software and same problem. Checked the signal meters and they look fine, called home and had my wife check out signal to compare and all of the same transponders are on and the...
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    "Rahinshield": Does it work?

    RV anti-freeze is generally used to keep the potable water lines in an RV from bursting in the winter... So I would suspect it doesn't have much of a toxicity to it. Everyone I have seen is used with GRAS ingredients.