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Nov 10, 2006
I am on hold with ISS forever right now waiting to talk to them... but the dish is tuned in fine.

Did the forced software and same problem.

Checked the signal meters and they look fine, called home and had my wife check out signal to compare and all of the same transponders are on and the ones that register 0 are the same. No channels missing at home either.

While typing this, laptop in truck with air card, I got ISS and got the waiver... It went into acquiring data and then back to call to activate screen... I called and had re-auth sent and it puts be back to IV screen and same error...

Looks like I am back on hold for an hour!


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Dec 20, 2009
Sparta, TN

Don't know why this is happeniong, however, I deal with this at least two too three times a week (if not more). Mainly on HR22-700. Contacted ISS and finally spoke with someone who gave me a "work-around". Their's actually two different ones that I know of:
1. Change LNB to SWM3, run a jumper straight to reciever in question, hook up power inserter and run jumper to B-Band on Sat 1 on receiver.

2. *EASIEST* Take an 8-way SWM splitter take the line coming in to sat 1 on receiver connect to in from SWM and make a jumper out to receiver. Connect to Sat 1 B-Band. No power inserter or Special LNB needs to be added.

Once it passes verification then remove the additions in line. With #1 you have to redo the sat setup, with #2 you don't have to change a thing. Acxcording to ISS the reason is that something is wrong in the receivers and when all information tries to pass at same time the splitter actual slows it down enough to allow it to pass through. Hope this helps.
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