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    Celebrate Spring with Slingbox Giveaways

    The clue here is the word "Giveaways" this means it is not a contest or sweepstakes. What it does mean is you are a willing participant in their advertising scheme that they have put together at a very low cost. How much advertising will they get out of this with people thinking its a contest...
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    older iphone question?

    I think support was ended on your phone. so an old app would not work either.
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    1.1m and various lnb's what can I use 4 fta

    OK I think I got this, I cannot use my lnb's but I can use my 1.1m (43.3inch) Direct TV Dish from Mexico and I can convert or adapt my primestar dish 1.2m (47.2 inch) but would still need lnb's for them both. is this correct?
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    1.1m and various lnb's what can I use 4 fta

    thanks for all the info. I am in south florida. do I understand correctly I cannot use my LNB03GLA for FTA. the reason I ask is when I bouht it in Mexico I was told it was a Universal LNB that I could use for Dish net. the lnb did not work for dish so i modified the bracket for a dishnet lnb...
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    1.1m and various lnb's what can I use 4 fta

    Hi I have a 1.1m dish by channel master with a lnb (LNB03GLA) from MEXICAN direct tv (they are not the same), a 1.2m Primestar dish and lnb, and various dishnet and direct tv lnbf's twin lnbf's triple lnbf's and the small dish's that went with them. Can I use any of this with FTA? I hope to...