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    Is Dish heading towards dropping locals?

    I rec the email from Dish in mid April, scheduled an install on 4/23, the antenna works well for my locals (Houston DMA), I"m about 35 miles from the tower array, relatively flat ground near the Texas Gulf Coast. I was skeptical, the antenna is small (I didn't write the model # down) compared...
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    Dish made TV's?

    I bought the bundle package for $1000, included a 921 HD dvr + the 34" crt hi def monitor (didn't have a tuner in the tv), at the time it was the least expensive deal for an hd tv & dvr and the pic quality was decent for what hd was available at the time. I know the Dish guys that delivered it...
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    OTA digital usb tuner for Hopper available on Dish site

    I ordered one yesterday from the Dish website ($30 + sales tax shipped), this item had been out of stock since my hopper install on 1/10, this is about $10 cheaper than ordering elsewhere (ebay, amazon, etc.)
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    Local channels Off Air

    I noticed this in the guide last nite starting around 11:35 local time, (I'm in the Houston area), the locals (except channel 20) were showing "off air" for a 2 hour block. Of course I was curious so I clicked on channel 13 (yeah, it's like I need to see if the paint was really wet!), I got an...
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    Gains and Losses if I switch from Direct to DISH

    I guess this will be coming "soon"..... yeah, I had noticed that on the horizon but I can live with the current model, it will serve my needs.
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    Gains and Losses if I switch from Direct to DISH

    I'm switching from Direct back to Dish, Hopper install scheduled for 1/10. My contract with Direct is up on the 13th of this month and I wanted to accomplish two things: reduce my monthly bill and have more tuners than the hr24 so I can stop using my Dish Pal DTV DVR and have all recordings on...
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    Thinking of switching from Directv to Dish - Any tips?

    I wouldn't cancel with only 2 months left (well, that's because I'm cheap and to me it doesn't make sense to pay $xx times the remaining months on the contract), just use the remaining time to figger out who has the best deal for your viewing habits. I'm thinking about looking at Dish in mid...
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    Talk Me Off the Ledge

    Here's what I would do, I would price out what package you want with Direct, see what the total cost for 24 months would be (length of the contract) and see what the average cost per month is. Then I would contact Dish retention and see what they would do for you, compare the two average costs...
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    DirecTV offers to customers who complain about dropped Viacom channels

    That's the story of my life, a day late and a dollar short.......but enough about me! I don't understand why a business does not take care of it's top tier customers, with what it costs to acquire a new customer and the freebies/incentives they offer. Any service provider is gonna have churn...
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    DirecTV Honors their Mistake: At least with me

    Glad it worked out for ya. You should probably xxxx out your acct number in the email though.
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    State of Texas increasing taxes on satellite?????

    The tax rate should be (in Texas) .0625, which is the state rate, according to page 11 of this brochure from Carole Rylanders office pursuant to the Federal Communications Act of 1996. Any taxes other than state imposed would (or...
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    Texas Tax Surcharge

    I was billed on 6/14 (Direct) and no surcharge was on my bill, just sales tax as usual.
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    Dish to Direct questions

    I have an hr24 and if you press the "play" button while viewing a recorded program it shows how much time is left on the progress bar at the bottom of the screen.
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    DirecTV Grace Period in California?

    I don't know where this myth started that a consumer has a 3 day grace period on _____________ (fill in the blank with whatever company name you choose) contracts you sign up for, while there are consumer safeguards that vary somewhat from state to state, my understanding is the 3 day right to...
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    New Customer - Receiver Change Issue

    Punctuation, I don't need no stinkin' punctuation!:D (Thanks for the reminder to the punctuation-less poster; I can only imagine my grade school English teachers turning over in the grave from what they'd see today)