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    considering getting orbytv next month, can I self-instal?

    I understand your opinion. You have yours and I have mine about the Orby dish. I think it’s easier than a slimline or a Dish Net dish that is easy also. So let’s just end it here and go enjoy some great TV!.
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    considering getting orbytv next month, can I self-instal?

    The Orby system is great for taking to the lake and that’s what I will be doing next spring. It’s definitely good for RV users but also has its advantages with fixed installations, find the bird peak that’s all. I have installed a Directv slimline and it does take some fiddling to get the best...
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    considering getting orbytv next month, can I self-instal?

    Yes and hopefully they can lease another transponder for more programming. It's a great service, cheaper prices, no long term contracts and just one bird making pointing so much easier. None of that dithering, and checkswitch business. Give the other MPVD's a run for their money!.
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    The true meaning of "dish-farm"

    Mount a dish on the tractor so it would be a dish farm on wheels. :)
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    Outernet Update

    Your right about that..It's neat to try and get it to work or not but hey it's a challenge to see if I can figure it out. Their signal on SES-2 is good, can watch LPB on that bird if Outernet becomes boring net. Oh well..
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    Outernet Update

    I did receive my Dreamcatcher 3.05 and will give it a test run when time permits. Being on SES-2 is actually good since I can also use it for Louisiana PBS. Have some line of site due to trees so I am trying to find a good spot for the dish so we will see what happens. Kind of a fun project to...
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    If I had a good career I'd have both DirecTV and Dish Network at the same time.

    I have DirecTv for NFLST and Dish for regular programming. Dish receivers in my opinion are much better than Directv. It blows you have to have a channel package to get it which you did not need many years ago. Having both is handy for when either one has a channel takedown. Yeah it's not...
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    Better SD PQ?

    Wouldn't be surprised they are using statmux gear. The lowly channels give it up when the big boy channels need it.
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    need help with recent changes

    I did the same at first and thought the skew was way off when trying to align. Any other questions feel free to ask. I got my system up (had initial problems) but eventually figured it out. I am very happy with my service.
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    need help with recent changes

    Did you use the Starchoice107&111 selection in DP?. That is the one you want to use for dish settings.
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    Is Dish still HD Lite in 2019?

    Not here in the Twin Cities. The NBC station is so heavily compressed the video it just falls apart on high motion. Direct and Dish don't really have that problem. The SD feed is 2x worse which it's probably expected. Maybe it's system specific due to how many QAM channels they carry.
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    Dish request: Please put all HD flex pack channels on Echostar 16.

    So the Wally does not complain about only receiving just one bird with just one lnb, single dish?. I have been thinking of doing this when going up to the cabin. What issues could I run into?.
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    Outernet Update

    I just did too..Mind as well play with it. I thought they were on SES-2 at 129 KU?.
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    Shaw PVR830

    Anyone have a PVR830 from Shaw?. I think it's the best out there, fast UI, rewinding and fast forwarding and the ability to add an ext drive. Just got my service going after dropping it 15 years ago. No FOX blackout to deal with here.
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    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    Yes it was flexed. Our local O&O FOX station was not too happy about this move by the NFL but at least Viking fans could see the game until next week if this dispute is not resolved.