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    (RUMOR) Comcast getting ready to work a deal with HDNet:

    HDSE is a Comcast thing?
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    (RUMOR) Comcast getting ready to work a deal with HDNet:

    And HDSE is?? And any word on HDNet?
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    (RUMOR) Comcast getting ready to work a deal with HDNet:

    Any update as I have just switched to Comcast.
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    Welcome Tivo Community Members!

    Am I missing something? The only new Tivo Community Members link directs you to
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    DirecTV to Launch Significantly Viewed DMA service

    Another New Haven County person here. Please clearify if and when we receive our NY channels, will we also be receiving the NY HD signal?
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    How can I improve my SD PQ?

    I know SD PQ has been discussed many times, but I want to know if there is any good tips I have not read or was unable to find. I had my D* installed by one of Robert's guys from ValueElectronics. So I am just going to assume that the dish is set up correctly and they used best cables. Given...
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    Need info in a hurry

    I realize you should not ask the following question as there are too many different answers, but I am going to ask anyway. I just had my Panny 40" LCD go down and it is under CC protection plan, which means I now get to pick out my own replacement. So I have $2500 to spend today! Is there...
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    Nesn Hd

    I emailed both D* and NESN within the last week and this is how it went: Subject: NESN-HD Directv: Details: Will we ever be getting NESN-HD? My zip is 06492 (Hartford-New Haven) My cable company had it last year (Comcast), I would REALLY REALLY love to be able to see my Red Sox...
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    What to say to CSR

    I know there are many posts with many conflicting opinions, but my OTA is working like s**t. I can't get NASCAR in HD. I have gone the waiver route and was granted ABC-which is the only network I can get with OTA 100% the time. I have spent so much $$ on my HR10-250, and my HD package and...
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    HD Locals DNS Waiver Question??

    Thanks I'll give that a try
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    HD Locals DNS Waiver Question??

    Never heard of a signal test before. What is it? How do I request it? How in the world did you get all those? How can I get all those? Were you grandfathered in? Can you still get DNS waivers? Do you also get East and West coast? Thanks Mark
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    HD Waiver Response

    I received my official response postcard. I already knew that only NBC was granted. But I received a letter from my local CBS affiliate that went as follows: Thank you for your interest in seeing more CBS in high definition. With our maximum power transmitter you now get a great signal in...
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    You didn't burst my bubble, you burst gchasse's. I know it will be a while, but I figured spending 2 minutes on 2 emails couldn't hurt. Mark