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    Amazon Prime

    All good here. Makes no sense that a Joey in the other room can't pick it up from the Hopper. That's where the wife watches who hates switching inputs. Don't see a channel assigned. Prone guide looks just like Roku, can watch anything subscribed to.
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    Cord cutting advice for heavy DVR user

    I haven't found anything that would make me give up my Hopper 3. Tried YTTV for a month,S don't like the guide or way it "records" everything. So easy on the H3,'s it's as good as anything unlimited. My Hopper is half full, 2T ehd full. Hate to throw away all those recordings. I'm only paying...
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    Comet Hd

    Thought Comet was considered "local", which "should" come with Flex. I probably wouldn't watch it much, but more channels is always better!
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    Comet Hd

    Guess it's not added to Flex Pack.
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    Schedule recording missed

    Nothing else. Hopper 3, so plenty of open channels. Showed in scheduled recording both days, but when I started watching it (a little late), I noticed it wasn't recording, so missed the first 10 minutes. So set it to record the next time it was on. Forgot about it and didn't record. Still showed...
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    Schedule recording missed

    I've been trying to record The Avengers, shows timer for today at 3:00 (under timer tab), but never started recording. It's on the timer list, but when I click on it and look at "timer schedule" in the popup, nothing is there. No red dot on the guide either. Tried yesterday and today and...
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    The YouTube TV Thread

    Signed up for a month to see if wife can get use to interface. Currently on Dish Hopper/Joey. Looks like it's not going to happen. 1. No way to get program description while scrolling through live guide. 2. Most shows, movies added to DVR won't commercial skip. 3. Have to subscribe to Philo to...
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    YouTube TV Becomes First Streamer to Carry PBS

    If Spectrum Choice would get more like other streamers (easy to sign up, easy to cancel, not add fees), I think they'd be a very good choice. $25 for all locals and subs, plus 10 of anything else you want. And you can also add HBO Go for $7.50. Good addition to Philo (or just free Pluto).
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    Streaming is about to get very expensive

    I've about decided to keep Dish Flex pack, drop movie pack and add Philo - this adds Hallmark for wife, and a few other channels I like (AXS, Animal, GSN, Sundance). Cost still under $100, Dvr and guide are better, and existing recordings are not lost. My gut says in a year or less cutting the...
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    DISH Four Tuner USB OTA Adapter Rumor

    Probably Slings Airtv.
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    $12.99 Bundle for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+

    Would be great if you could add unlimited streams and dvr to Hulu base. Will probably subscribe to Disney one month a year. I'd buy Hulu no ads with unlimited screens if available.
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    New Software Coming Tonight

    My other devices has been disappearing for the past 6 months. Trying to force the update to 539 just results in same 538. Hoping 539 fixes the disappearing ehd issue! Google Assistant would be nice, but the ehd issue is a real pain! Almost frustrated enough to switch to YouTube TV, since I can't...
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    AirTV introduced AirTV Mini

    Yeah, looks like it needs the black box, another $80. How is this different from a Roku? Waiting for the Airtv quad with updated processor. Currently have dual Tablo that's fine, but if I cut the cord, I'll ned 4 tuners and something more similar to a Hopper3.
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    External hard drive

    I have 2 powered MyBook drives that disconnect almost every night (no "other devices" icon). Rebooting Hopper 3 fixes issue. I've seen older threads with same issue, is there a solution?
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    Cheapest DISH Package with Buzzr and Game Show Network

    Maybe Spectrum Choice, locals plus pick 10 for $25/mo. Add a Roku to get Pluto free (includes Buzzr). Also amazing what you can pick up with a $20 amplified antenna.