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    usb wifi adaptor

    Unfortunately, no. Only the Dish-approved one.
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    Google’s Loon up to 20 balloons per day, fly 10 times longer than in 2013

    Looks like Project Loon is no more: Alphabet’s Project Loon goes down like a lead balloon
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    Can't get signal back after disconnection

    I was wondering about that. IIRC those legacy LNBs do not appear to the receiver at all because there is only one way communication (sat signal down the line). The only thing going from receiver to LNB is the voltage which tells it which transponder polarization to send. Does anybody know if...
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    New Software Release 1/13

    That is the only explanation I can think of. Something messed up her service address and it switched her locals. Just call and get them switched back.
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    Can't get signal back after disconnection

    No it sure does not. :( OK; we've got 18V at the LNB end of your coax, so I am guessing it's not the coax and not the 6131. You told us above that you already tried replacing your LNBs and your SW21 with no change. I think you have multiple failures. Let's leave the switches out of the...
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    Seagate Hard drive not seen by Hopper3

    It is indeed, but my problem wasn't with the Seagate itself. It only has a problem when I add my 1.5TB WD to the mix and then that smaller disk takes over. Since I don't really need that 1.5TB, this is not an issue. Both the Seagate (by itself) and the hub work reliably and have for months...
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    Seagate Hard drive not seen by Hopper3

    This behavior is nuts! What model Seagate do you have? Mine is a Backup Plus Hub.
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    Can't get signal back after disconnection

    The way Gary suggested above: coax center conductor to shield.
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    Seagate Hard drive not seen by Hopper3

    Well that sucks. I have a 6TB Seagate as well and it works quite nicely with my H3. I thought of one thing... Do you have another EHD connected? I have a 1.5TB WD drive that I had dating back to my 722 days... When I plug that in and reboot, it takes over and the Seagate vanishes (even...
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    Can't get signal back after disconnection

    Wow; I'm at a loss as well. The SW21 is legacy, so if you replaced the LNBs, did you replace them with legacy LNBs? Legacy LNBs are really old in the Dish world, and you might have gotten the newer DishPro LNB which definitely will not work with an SW21. I am suspicious of the power supply...
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    Hopper Joey shuts down/restarts

    My wag is that it's partially DOA. :( It should not just turn off like that. Given that you have to pull the plug on it, I think it actually crashed so badly that it was wedged and couldn't even reboot itself.
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    CBS all access

    That is exactly what I was talking about. But what are you saying? I can't binge watch seasons 1 or 2? :crying
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    CBS all access

    Does anybody know if I can sub and binge-watch ST Discovery yet?
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    How to copy Wally recordings to a new Hard Drive

    You don't. You use a computer running LInux to move programs from one hard drive to another. Don't give up! I have never done this for a Wally or 211, so I don't know for certain. But I recommend trying the following. Attach your new 2TB drive to your Wally and let it format it. Detach...
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    Need to buy some dual lnb dish pro...

    I noticed that when that chap from Alaska was trying to find some. What the hey is going on here? Who still has legacy LNBs lying around, but not DP LNBs?