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    hr21 freezes

    no upgrade I'm only using dvr no hd so I'm have a 18" round dish single LNB. thanks
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    hr21 freezes

    single LNB I have a radioshack 3x4 multi-switch? thanks
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    hr21 freezes

    I have a hr21 dvr with a am21 off air tuner with a square shooter antenna and a 3x4 multi-switch. my receiver needs to be rebooted everyday at least once this is my second dvr in less than one month trying to fix this problem any ideas what might be the problem?:confused:
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    Replacement HD DVR receivers?

    is the hr 21 better than the hr22
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    DirecTV HR2x Mass Lockups overnight 10/6

    I have a Directv dual LNB with a 3x4 multi-switch a hughs receiver in one room and a HR22 DVr in another I recently had a tech install this the problems are numerious in hangs up it doesnt record some of the functions on the dvr dont respond. Can someone give me some advice thankyou
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    installing 3x4 multiswitch

    So do I need a more powerful antenna? or wire it differently currently there is no cable connected to the 3x4 multiswich for the antenna input.
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    installing 3x4 multiswitch

    I'm having trouble receiving off air channels after installing 3x4 multiswitch from a single LNB with a terk clip on off air antenna. please help:(
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    Antenna help!!

    3x4 multiswitch Hi Im Timbug I have a older directv round 18" dish single lnb with a terk clip on off air antenna I have two recievers one of the recievers I'm trying to upgrade my self to a hr22 dvr but after I installed the 3x4 multiswitch I lost reception on my off air channels my multi...