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    Export DVR Schedule

    Is there a way to export your DVR schedule to an external calendar like Google Calendar or any other similar service?
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    922 Upgrade Yesterday

    Excellent! This is the best receiver I have ever used. Sling works great on my home network via the old sling-player 2.0 software. The picture appears to be sharper than it was on my 622. Technician was excellent, Satellites Unlimited, He even replaced my old dish with a 1000.2(I think) because...
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    Java shows as malware

    I just got it on the homepage, but only once
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    Wall Plate

    Thanks jayn_j! That last link is just what I have been looking for.
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    Wall Plate

    You can use dual gang boxes with separators and there are specialty boxes, both are within regulations.
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    Wall Plate

    I have had a hard time finding this and would appreciate any help anyone might offer. I need a wall plate (probably one of the system types) that has a power outlet on one side and has a hdmi port and two coax ports on the other. There is foam insulation and conduit involved so another box is...
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    Another way to join the pub

    My pub sub has run out would love to renew but I'm not using paypal anymore....ever. I Would love to see another option.
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    New Guy and I know a lot about DISH

    I'm wondering the same thing as the other guys. Is there anyway we can get any info on why he got banned? Mojo was one of my favorite things on this site ever.
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    70+ HD Channels in Engineering Mode

    I've been enjoying more HD with Dish and cut my Directv subscription way back for a while. I've been scolded here a few times for saying Dish was killin Directv in the HD department and they still are as of now. But this is huge... I'll probally give Dish a month or so and if they don't make...
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    Are These Signal Levels OK?

    I have 3 seperate 1 meter Primestar dishes. Before the software change I had 119 and 110 maxed out on most transponders (125/125) 129 transponders were between 85 and 105. Since the software upgrade I have 84 on 110 t11, 85 on 119 t11 and 70 on 129 t31. Some of the transponders on 129 get as low...
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    I'm not going to buy porn on any format and I don't have a preference between the two formats. But someone is buying porn on dvd now and they will buy it on one of the two formats when they buy their fancy new high def player. Ignoring that is ignoring a billion dollar industry and that is just...
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    Don't know if this has been posted or not. If this is true and it happens here it is all over for HD-DVD link
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    Dish 622 L4.06 Software Release Notes

    What issues, lack of audio or sync issues?
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    Dan Patrick Leaving ESPN

    I thought dan was great on SportsCenter but when I started listening to his radio show I grew to hate him. Most sports radio is about controversy and I am OK with that as long as the host can make a reasonable argument. Dan Patrick is totally incapable of doing that. I am glad to see him go.
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    Lost Signal on 129 and 119

    I think this the second time in the last couple of days this has happened.