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    Best buy 40%off Jan2

    Orby's Website is just saying this At this time, we are not activating customer accounts.
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    Diamond 9000HD locking up on 8PSK TPs

    I agree with Corrado I use my Diamond 9000HD daily also for over 3 years with no problem i only use my Azbox Elite on the 4.2.2 feeds but my Diamond is my favorite very easy to use.
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    Fortec Passion HD - Can get in EU, but not in US.

    This guy says he ships to the US but if it doesn't if it isnt ntsc and only pal it wouldn't do us any good FORTEC PASSION PLUS HD SATELLITE PVR READY BY USB - eBay (item 350347726042 end time May-29-10 05:58:28 PDT)
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    How many FTA receivers do you have active?

    Diamond 9000HD Quali 4.2.2 Pansat 2700 for blind searching
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    is RTV out of order?

    If you are talking about the ones on AMC9 at 83w they are working great here in florida
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    9/16/2009 2:05pm - Uplink Activity Report - 30 changes

    9640 - WFTV [SD TV] added to EchoStar9 121W TP 15 ConUS beam it the WELLS FARGO BANK Business Channel
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    Analog C-Band feeds?

    if you like college football there was alot of games last fall on ku band alot more than c band
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    tuff tv

    yes sir i have dvb s2 i just haven't found out what satellite it is on or the sr and the freq of it
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    tuff tv

    Does anyone know where it is on c-band i still haven't found it
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    tuff tv

    looks good where at on C band
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    Diamond 9000 HD receiver - with fan ?

    I have had mine for a couple of years with no heating problems but i did heating problems with my pansat 9000 hd box
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    2/4/2009 12:42pm Uplink Activity Report - 43 changes

    Speed HD Dear Customer, Thank you for your e-mail. Specific information regarding your request for Speed Channel HD is not currently available. We would like to add that channel, to make viewers like you happy, but we do not know if or when this will happen. We will gladly forward your...
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    Nimiq 4 strength

    here in north florida i had been using a 18 inch dish if i changed to a 36 inch dish do you think it would help here
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    Diamond 9000HD PVR Review

    is there any way to get the sound back after you reload it