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    FCC to sell c band spectrum

    They do help but in very heavy rain even an 8 ft+ solid dish can be affected by rain fade.
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    upgrade to 1080p ever?

    None of the networks provide feeds at 1080p. Additionally, 1080i is just as good as 1080p once you deinterlace it -- a 1080i59.94 signal deinterlaces into a 1080p29.97 signal. Most TV content is only 23.976 or 29.97 FPS. You'd be better off requesting that Dish Network stop molesting the...
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    FCC to sell c band spectrum

    The latest smartphones are downgrades in a lot of ways. I'm keeping my LG V20 until it breaks. The newer models no longer have a replaceable battery or a second screen. They're getting rid of headphone jacks and buttons on newer phones, making them less functional just so they can be even...
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    FCC to sell c band spectrum

    40% of it is still being left for satellite usage. They weren't using the full C-band anyway. There's been lots of empty orbital locations and transponder frequencies in the C-band for years. Taking away a full 60% of it is concerning though. There wasn't *THAT* much unused capacity amongst all...
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    NFL Thursday Night Football in 4k looks bland

    The 4K feed doesn't look as good to me as the 1080i feed for NFL Network. They're doing something weird to it. The HDR grading on the 4K feed doesn't look right
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    possibly getting a 6footer soon, whats to be expected?

    You should be able to get some things. NHK World @ 58W is a real gem that comes in well on a 6 footer. I'd suggest over-engineering the pole height and concrete pad you pour for it so that you could potentially upgrade the mounted dish to be up to 12 feet in diameter. Once you get the taste of...
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    Do you remembered that day the Berlin wall can down on C and Ku back in 1989?

    I wasn't even born yet. That's my 1989 story :bounce
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    2019 Hallmark Christmas Movies Guide

    From the past seven years or so of Hallmark Christmas movies I count: Heterosexual couples: 168 Homosexual couples: 0 White couples: 163 Black couples: 4 Hispanic couples: 1 Other races: 0 Mixed race couples: 0 From a sample size of 168 Hallmark Christmas movies, all 168/168 feature...
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    2019 Hallmark Christmas Movies Guide

    Too many boring, repetitive movies regurgitating the same story over and over about a white cishet couple falling in love. I can't handle another 40 of these. Hallmark's gimmick has become stale. Wake me up when they start releasing some Christmas movies featuring non-white couples and...
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    Locals Protest the 5G Towers That Promise a High-Tech Future

    Looking forward to the day that human operated vehicles are outlawed and all vehicles are autonomous... but it's just not a technology that requires 5G to accomplish. 4G can easily support the necessary bandwidth required for vehicles to communicate with a central system and each other. One of...
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    Locals Protest the 5G Towers That Promise a High-Tech Future

    But I'm already living a High-Tech Now. What do I need this crap for? A refrigerator connected to the Internet? A lamp? Why do these need to be connected to the Internet? And I need 5G to connect all these devices at my home instead of my existing fiber connection because...? They're right that...
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    The Blaze is history

    "And nothing of value was lost."
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    Orby Saves the Day (or more) in the California Power Blackout

    Makes me glad I live in the Chicago area. Very reliable power around here, strong transportation system, access to Great Lakes water, minimal natural disaster risks with a comparatively low cost of living to boot. No wildfires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes. Minimal tornado risk. Trump really...
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    More AT&T news story today / Streaming HBO Max

    How is it that such a large company can have such an incompetent marketing department? Why are there going to be so many different HBO brand names now delivering the same content? HBO, HBO Go, HBO Now, HBO Max. It's DirecTV, DirecTV Now, AT&T TV all over again. What a mess. Just call the...
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    Japan 8K and even 16K 120 fps news story / Very interesting read

    If only we could be so lucky. It's really difficult to immigrate there. I already looked. Then again I suppose the small number of migrants is why Japan is still such a nice culturally homogeneous place with strong social cohesion and a miniscule crime rate. Unless you can find a Japanese waifu...