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    Streaming is about to get very expensive

    I dont know you guys but there are wasy too many streaming services for free in Youtube inclduing movies, science, shows plus itnernational channels including DW, France 24, etc. I can find a variety of old and new programs there. I only pay Netflix becasue my wife likes some of the shows but I...
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    C/Ku Band Best LNB

    Thanks Brian Good to hear that feedback from you. Saying so, I will keep one of the C1 as central LNB plus the second C1 offsetting as the circular polarization LNB. Any brand/model recommendation for the offset KU prime focus LNBF ? PD: Yes, the C1 outperforms the C/Ku DRO unit. And thank...
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    C/Ku Band Best LNB

    Hi Guys My C/Ku band LNB is death (sigh). Well, just the Ku but still.... I was searching locally in Toronto and found a cheap C/Ku but his performance is not too good. I miss my old DMS International LNB. Excellent. it was the unit with the Ku orange cover. Other LNB that I have been using...
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    DW. Deutsche Welle on 103

    DW in German & Spanish is available at 58W
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    Very Sad News....RIP FaT Air

    Always will be missed. But his work will prevail
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    4K Satellite @ 40.5W, TP 4544

    Thanks! I will try the 103 link. My only problem is that my neighbour decided to plant a tree exactly at a location that blocks everything from 103-121w once everything blooms. I means, I do receive those satellites only between November- April. After may are no longer available. One more...
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    4K Satellite @ 40.5W, TP 4544

    Hi Guys I have seen these 4K feeds at this satellite, SES-6 @40.5W. According to Lyngsat, it is broadcasting this 4k feed over North America. My point is, what LNB will be required to receive this transponder? I did try my Titanium C2W-PLL (so far my best C-Band LNB ever) but even though it has...
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    Review: K1 Plus - Amlogic S905 Quad Core A53 DVBS2 Android

    HI Brian Do you think this is the most mature android/dvb-s2 box yet on the market?.
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    GEOSATpro New microHD Firmware Release: GSPMHD_20130626 Available for USB and Satellite Update (OTA-SSU) 06/26

    Same here. I am still able to watch them tough. I think is because some of them transmit natively in 576 instead.
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    OTHER Vigica C90s - some general observations

    Thanks Titanium, so in short, an actuator with a Disecq Vbox can manually position each sat but you still need the Vigica to save that position instead of the Vbox? Pls confirm
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    OTHER Vigica C90s - some general observations

    Guys not sure if I am high jacking this thread, if so feel free t delete, my question is, does the vigils c90s works well with diseq motors and c band actuators?
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    WeTek Play - DVB-S2 and IPTV box

    But still relies on dual cores. I guess I pass on till the quad comes to the scene. There is another one similar for even less the $100 bucks, the Vigica C-60S or Vigica 70S both can be found for about US$60 in ALi, Flebay, Amazon, etc, , the Vigica site has also various SW updates, but again...
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    Save Our Cband

    Hi harshness; You don't have to trust me or suspect anything. just visit any of Lyngsat, FTAlist of any other site that publish those lists. And if you still don't believe on those web sites, I will invite you to scan your sat box on each one of the satellites available in the western...
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    Save Our Cband

    True, I was visiting a friend in South America the last year. I was on a small town and visited the site used to distribute cable TV , I was able to see al those BUD ( about seven) all pointing up ( funny, almost vertically) to the geostationary orbit. I witnessed also three or four LNB per...
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    Any DVB-S2 Android box with quad core processor and octal video interface yet?

    I heard that runs Win 10. THat will be great!!!! Note; How would you convert a PI to a full Android/FTA unit? If this is your plan.