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    RG6 cable underground in PVC conduit

    Really the only thing the conduit is for is to help protect the wires from stones and such.And to make it easier to run more or replace wires. I've got a run of rg11 and actuator wires direct buried out to the 10'dish,been there well over 20 years,dish still moves,signal reaches the...
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    CSPAN analog still there?

    Maybe later I'll see if my trx100 still works and play with it,that may be a long shot. Also,take the VCII box out of the receiver and toss it,it has no use or value anymore.
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    WVNC-Watertown NY

    And they're at it again; 45.6 QVC 45.7 HSN picture quality?,surely you jest :oldwink
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    Raising the dead

    Cspan ch7 at 131west(likely C3 in the receiver).The only analog channel left. Oh,and,if the VCII box is still in the receiver,remove it and pitch it.It is of no use or value anymore.
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    CSPAN analog still there?

    Sure can,you will need to get into the receiver menus and set it to use an LNBF.It's been so long since I used my old Toshiba I don't remember just where the setting is tho.
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    Raising the dead

    Did you set the east/west limits in the receiver?
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    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    And just where did this fake picture come from?
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    Antenna ID needed...time to replace?

    Have you tried turning the antenna to different positions,might find a spot where you can get the one you want even tho it's not pointed right at it.
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    Hallelujah! I Struck OTA Gold.

    Eye candy :biggrin
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    CSPAN analog still there?

    If I recall correctly the signal is offset a bit on the transponder,you have to fine tune the frequency a bit to get it to clear up.There should be a fine tuning adjustment in the menus somewhere. Really old school receiver will have a tuning POT somewhere.
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    Help : Echostar SR8700 power supply

    I don't recall seeing it there,only ever saw it in the DISH forum,but I have a hard time remembering what I had for supper :biggrin
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    Never watched it,didn't care,but I suspect the show was just a "bone"for Pauley after her,um,divorce from Gibbs.
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    Help : Echostar SR8700 power supply

    It's not,it's in the DISH forum :wink,but it does belong in the FTA area.
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    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    $2.09/$2.10 at the locals.
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    Nascar 2020

    That's your opinion :devilish