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    Not a Good Start Dish Network...:mad:

    All your timers are saved on the Remote
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    DISH Makes offer to buy Sprint (Rescinded)

    I dont reply much anymore because this site is full of idiots. You sir are one of them.
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    Dish Tests 50 Mbps Fixed LTE in Virginia Though Hasn't Announced Expansion Plans, or Pricing

    Not dumb at all. could you imagine how cool and easy it would be to but this onto the dish. Then plug that into the lnbf in to get power. Then all you gotta do is drop down a wifi connector in the house, then bam everything in the house is wifi.
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    Major DISH Announcement Today at Noon Eastern Time?

    what time is the retailer chat?
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    Hopper w Sling MOCA issues.

    is your duo node and 44 switch outside?
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    Excellent DISH Technical Issue Experience

    I must have visited your house and helped you out =P
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    Swaping hooper location with joey

    depends on the setup of the cables but alas he did it before i could have my input.
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    Swaping hooper location with joey

    i think it would have worked if you did nothing with the cables.
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    App for hopper an joey

    just whatever you see is what you get. but keep in mind its constantly being updated
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    Normal sig strength.

    I like his enthusiasm. most what we get on here is people asking the same question of "im mad at dish" or "help I did something wrong".
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    downloading movies takes forever. why?

    you have slow internet
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    Hopper guide color scheme

    I like it
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    Upgrade to 2nd Hopper questions

    generic. splitter
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    Dish lied to get a new contract

    But now u pay $200 with direct tv
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    S225 came out today

    sorry guys been real busy. s225 i didnt notice anything new just more of a headache. it was like the hopper was just open had to rest mostly everything.