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  1. wcswett

    Day 3 from CES

    They'll need a software upgrade for the Archos, then. I hope Archos will provide the software update and make it backward compatible with 3xx models. --- WCS
  2. wcswett

    Day 3 from CES

    Nice work, Scott! I'm particularly interested in the adaptation DISH has planned for the Archos portable DVRs. I own an Archos model 380, which has an 80 gig hard disk and is the predecessor of the 4xx model on the right in your picture. The Archos will play Xvid and Dvix files, within...
  3. wcswett

    Voom and Dish Network on one dish

    Yes. The satellites are at the same location but there is a single set of transponder frequencies common to both services. Voom uses some of those frequencies and DISH uses the rest. Both DISH and Voom are capable of using all 32 frequencies but the licenses are divided between the two...
  4. wcswett

    Voom and Dish Network on one dish

    I would think that you should be able to use a Dish 300 with a dual LNBF to get Voom and DISH on one dish. The 61.5 dish would have to be incorporated into a "legacy" dish system and would not be compatible with DishPro or Superdish. It would also not be compatible with Voom's new expansion to...
  5. wcswett

    Your 921 Wishlist

    I'd like to see the same recording editor capabiity I have on my Panasonic HD/DVD DVR (DMR-HS2). We should be able to edit the recordings before dumping them via firewire. --- WCS
  6. wcswett

    Super superdish under construction.

    I have tried 105 on an SW64 and couldn't get the switch check to recognize it. The receiver WOULD recognize it when it was on input 2 of the SW21, though, so on my set-up I have 61.5/110/119, 61.5/110/119/105, 61.5/110/119/105 (Nr. 2) and 61.5/110/119/121 as my four outputs from my SW64 and...
  7. wcswett

    Next Charlie Chat?

    I expect lots of whining about Turner/Viacom deals, plugs for subscription sports packages (NBA/NHL) and more announcements of superdish locals with 2-3 month waits for installs. No mention of HD, except perhaps to say SHO and HBO now on 110. --- WCS
  8. wcswett

    Next Charlie Chat?

    Yes, the 1241 receiver, a four tuner DISH HD receiver will win best of show for its well designed plastic case and stylish mockup of input and output ports. No one will even pretend to turn it on. Estimated shipping date is 2010, but only to a "very limited and select group of subscribers". Four...
  9. wcswett

    921's on E-bay allready

    Re: Thanks! Don't feel bead. I came really close to jumping on it, too. --- WCS
  10. wcswett

    Is the 921 bug fixed?

    If this were the case, I would say, "Release it!". I can't receive any OTA where I live, analog or digital. --- WCS
  11. wcswett

    Bought 322 on Ebay, need Dish Pro Plus Diplexer

    That would explain why it was a one day auction. --- WCS
  12. wcswett

    March 30th, 2004!?!?!?!!!?!?!

    I currently have two 36" Paraclipse dishes with Pansat 0.6 dB Ku FSS LNBFs pointed at 105 and 121. They're tied into SW21's that are cascaded off a 61.5/110/119 SW64. this gives me one 61.5/110/119/105 outlet and one 61.5/110/119/121 outlet, with room for one additional either 105 or 121. It's...
  13. wcswett

    March 30th, 2004!?!?!?!!!?!?!

    The STK-570F is an LNB, not an LNBF, and appears to be designed for installation in a feedhorn, maybe on a C/Ku installation. It does not appear to be designed for installation on an offset dish. Since SatelliteGuy stated there was a cheap way to use an offset type FTA dish with a DP34...
  14. wcswett

    March 30th, 2004!?!?!?!!!?!?!

    What LNBF do you use for Ku FSS that's compatible with DishPro? I have yet to find one. --- WCS
  15. wcswett

    The silver lining in E*'s HD direction

    The D* offerings seem to be driving Charlie's plans right now. He stuck to the idea that all new HD would go on superdish until D* launched new HD before superdish was ready. He then caught up using space on 110. Based on the latest chats, I'm under the strong impression that he will not add new...
  16. wcswett

    Can I pickup 121 without a superdish?

    Check this thread: --- WCS
  17. wcswett

    Special deal on the 921?

    It would be sweet, but I've had one on pre-order with DishDepot since February and I'd feel bad cancelling that order to take Dish up on a special. --- WCS
  18. wcswett

    some locals on 61.5/dish to be installed free(read on)

    Yes, they can both be hooked to a DP34 but a Quad can also supply two DISH 500 outputs in addition to the four DP34 outputs for a total of six. Of course if in the future you need six, you can make them come out and give you another DP34. :) --- WCS
  19. wcswett

    Tired of waiting for SuperDish, took care of it myself

    Scott, will that be a DishPro compliant LNBF or legacy? I have a poor man's (legacy) 121 superdish set-up right now and plan to move my 97W dish over to 105W and hook up another SW21 to make a 105 superdish output (I've ordered a replacement for the 97W dish). The fact that you're talking about...
  20. wcswett

    Minimum size for "poor man's Superdish"?

    Scott has access to a 105 superdish beta-tester, I believe. --- WCS
  21. wcswett

    Minimum size for "poor man's Superdish"?

    The last I saw Scott post he said that 105 would be released to the public on December 3rd. Right now I believe it's only being viewed by individual beta-testers and hackers, and regular subscribers can only see channel 7000. I guess I need to order yet another 90 cm. dish so I can see if I can...
  22. wcswett

    Minimum size for "poor man's Superdish"?

    I have two 90 cm. FSS dishes and one 24 in. dish which I have used for various Ku band satellites. The 24 in. dish works ok if you don't have other satellites nearby on the same frequencies, like Galaxy 10R at 123W before Echo 9 was launched. In the event you have to pick a satellite from...
  23. wcswett

    Superdish install w/legacy receiver? (6000)

    Some folks have reported getting free legacy adapters for their receivers from DISH but they had to ask for them and be insistent. --- WCS
  24. wcswett

    Confirmation of CBS-HD feeds @ 105?

    Naw, I've had four at one time for CBS and three for the other networks at one time: New York SD (all), New York HD CBS, Atlanta SD (all), Los Angeles SD (all). You can only have two distant nets but you can add one local package to that and HD copies of SD channels don't count against you...
  25. wcswett

    Confirmation of CBS-HD feeds @ 105?

    They're both listed on my bill, so I hope I can get both whenever I get a Superdish. --- WCS New Monthly Charge(s) Service from: 11/07 to 12/06 AMERICA'S EVERYTHING PAK-INCLUDES AT150 PLUS 4 79.99 PREMIUM MOVIE PACKAGES, LOCALS 0.00 ADDL RECEIVER ACCESS FEE 4.99...