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  1. Art7220

    Google Scores NFL Sunday Ticket Package

    Now to see if there will be bandwidth issues. Like buffering errors. Bet that'll happen when the 2023 season starts.
  2. Art7220

    Post all your streaming services you subscribe to (as in pay money for)...

    Used to sub to Hulu. Peacock is free with the Xfinity internet. But I only have one pay service for now. The Gizmoplex. Got a discount for being a $35 backer.
  3. Art7220

    Orby TV was purchased by Disitron Satellite of Florida. Anyone knows what the plan was?

    This was on Antenna Man and Robbie Strike on YT. It will probably have the same lineup as last time.
  4. Art7220

    Save Wordle To Your Computer!

    yeah, doesn't work anymore.
  5. Art7220

    NHL Center Ice access to games on ESPN+ ???????

    What about Hockey Night in Canada?
  6. Art7220

    Locast News (Additions, changes, etc)

    This could be a possible substitute. Not sure how long this will last. Check out Puffer Doesn't seem to be geoblocked, if you're in the US. Found this out on Antennaman.
  7. Art7220

    SDR Raspberry pi, mounted remote at antenna?

    So, is it online? They do have SDR online you can listen to. This is the only way to get WWV streaming.
  8. Art7220

    Circle TV Network

    It's on Peacock too. Might be on the free plan. They're getting everything.
  9. Art7220

    WWE Makes Peacock It's Home

    So now they have a discount code for WWE fans. You have until April 9th. to use it. It's PeacockMania. I bought one more month on WWE net to see what happens. The code is for $2.50/mo for 4 months.
  10. Art7220

    Anyone here like the Smooth Jazz format?

    I think is still on. Also
  11. Art7220

    WWE Makes Peacock It's Home

    I want to see what happens to the WWE giftcards? Will they transfer to Peacock?
  12. Art7220

    Adding free & legal IPTV HLS m3u8 feeds to Edision OS MIO 4K

    Will these work? Audio feeds. Mega 104.3 Old School Phoenix KHTN Hot104.7 Merced, CA Hip Hop The Groove 99.3 Bakersfield, CA Old School KQIE San Bdno...
  13. Art7220

    XFL 2.0 you watching

    >If we even have an NFL season. Or an NFL? Which sport will join the XFL next?
  14. Art7220

    Why are we still paying so much for sports?

    Now you don't have to worry about that since there are no sports. They haven't found a way to play at home, but John Oliver and Bill Maher are doing so now. Yes, I know that's different. This makes you realize what's important nowadays.
  15. Art7220

    NHL Hockey

    Do they show Coach's Corner or what is on instead? I'm surprised NFL or NBA didn't bid to get Don Cherry on their shows. They need good commentary like that.
  16. Art7220

    Top Gun- Maverick

    So it's just like The Starfighters or The Starfighters MST3K? I'll probably watch this one too.
  17. Art7220

    Still no FOX in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale?

    You could put up an antenna or find someplace to download Smackdown.
  18. Art7220

    At&t Pay Tv unit under financial fire

    Is the garage where they have all their servers? That main building must be for filming or doing promos?
  19. Art7220

    Web Browser

    I don't see it either. Dual booting XP and 7 using Firefox clone Pale New Moon.
  20. Art7220

    2017-18 NBA Season

    Well no, but the Raptors are doing great. Can't get the Sportsnet feed, but there's an ABC channel for Roku.
  21. Art7220

    NHL Center Ice

    Is Coach's Corner on Center Ice? Found a TSN stream on ESPN+ but it looks like they black out the commercials. The intermission break is also blacked out. Lemme know where there's a Hockey Night stream, thanks.
  22. Art7220

    2017-18 NHL Season

    Has anyone tried to search on Roku? I tried these terms: coaches corner, nhl playoffs, vegas golden vs kings. Says: No search results. Try modifying your entry... I'm on a 2XS. Anyone else have better results? There are CBC feeds on for Roku. But is there a NHL channel like...
  23. Art7220

    WRAL-TV Showcases Next Gen TV’s Potential

    What they should do with ATSC 3 is put on like the old OTA scrambled channels. Here's a YT video about this. Oddity Archive, Pay TV but not cable or satellite.
  24. Art7220

    If at all possible, purchase your own modem/router

    Is the Motorola NVG589 adressable like a cable box? My ISP is DSL Extreme, but they use AT&T Uverse branded Equip. The 2701 HGs they used to use, you could switch them. Can I buy one from Ebay and save the rental fee?
  25. Art7220

    Live Olympics?

    Is there a Streaming list? The Roku Canadian TV channel has CBC.