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  1. Annie61

    Inspiration (Channel)

    Love that channel too! Along with FETV they might be my 2 most watched channels lateley! The Gunsmokes are great!
  2. Annie61

    Don Imus to Retire

    When he was in his prime, he was great.
  3. Annie61

    Legendary Broadcaster Keith Jackson Dies at age 89

    R.I.P. Someone I could never tire of listening to. R.I.P
  4. Annie61

    Doctor Who

    I ALMOST said the same thing to my husband :D
  5. Annie61

    Dick Enberg R.I.P.

    R.I.P always enjoyed watching him.
  6. Annie61

    CBS/Entercom divests 16 stations

    Part of the "take-over" was a big cluster in Hartford. WTIC AM/FM and maybe WRCH - don't quote me on that one. But the mid-morning guy on TIC-AM sounded none to pleased about it. He was wondering why they weren't carrying a news conference that they would have "used to" being a CBS affiliate...
  7. Annie61

    The Walking Dead on AMC

    I am too, I know I missed some stuff. I think as someone else said they are trying to hard to be artsy. The comic is in black and white, the show doesn't have to be in black and gray.......
  8. Annie61

    The Walking Dead on AMC

    me too! :biggrin
  9. Annie61

    771 Signal loss first time

    Thanks for the info. I lost it last night, just switched to the SD channel. but still wondered what happened.
  10. Annie61

    TV Shows Cancelled...

    THE GLADES on A&E that also ended with a cliffhanger. Lead character got shot. I just made up my own ending that he survived and they caught the shooter....... .
  11. Annie61

    Chiller TV

    darn it! I didn't leave Dish because of it (left during the whole AMC thing) but I like that channel.
  12. Annie61

    CBS/Entercom divests 16 stations

    I work part time for ENTERCOM, and we get updates on what is going on with the Merger, I'm out here in the Western Ma market so nothing going on with us. I was suprised to see what stations are being divested in the Boston Market . I'll have to check out the radioinsight and see what they are...
  13. Annie61

    Thor: Ragnarok

    Saw this yesterday!! Took a vacation day to see it. It is amazing. Much better than DARK WORLD. It might even be better than the 1st one. I really enjoyed the 1st one. Though thinking about it, yes it was better than the 1st It had more humor than the other THOR movies and tons of action. I...
  14. Annie61

    The Walking Dead on AMC

    The show is for people who both read and don't read the comic. It's got enough variance from the comic so we can't quote it chapter and verse. Andrea being one of the main differences.(and Daryl) The show would be no fun if we knew exactly what was going to happen. Yes as Dr Who says there...
  15. Annie61

    CW's Riverdale

    We watched it when it came out last year. It was a evry interesting take on ARCHIE. They did do a "re-boot" on the comic a few years back, which is where I think the show got the inspiration from. I really like the JUGHEAD character. Hopefully it is renewed. I'll definately watch it.
  16. Annie61

    How many Sirius/XM/SiriusXM radios do you have?

    One in the house. My drive to work is only 15 minutes. Not worth it for the car,
  17. Annie61


    Oh darn it I liked Alex. I have liked the actress since Blue Bloods. Thst's dissappointing.. I don't think they built her character to the best of her abilities. Hopefully she lands in something good. Bishop doesn't annoy me as ,much as as sje does some other posters, but yep she is the...
  18. Annie61

    Logan | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

    Really good movie! It did fly by, I don't think there was a slow part in it.
  19. Annie61

    Chicago Justice

    Just watched my 1st one last week. I really enjoyed it.
  20. Annie61

    Once Upon A Time

    thanks!!! :)
  21. Annie61

    Once Upon A Time

    Darn it , I thought it was returning this coming Sunday. Jimbo you are right , 3 months off is really too long. Hopefully I won't be too out of the loop. Don't have on Demand or anything like that so I can't catch up. .
  22. Annie61


    That Sean Spicer skit was really funny. I'm a Trump supporter (don't boo me out of here :biggrin) but that skit was great. I haven't laughed that much in an SNL skit it quite a while. Good job!!
  23. Annie61

    cloo - SIGN OFF

    Darn it, I actually watched a lot of stuff on it. (I must have been the only one!!)