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    YouTube TV Now Lets You Customize Your Multiview Experiences

    Lame compared to Dish‘s Multi-View.
  2. LQQK

    Hopper 3 software H370 and Joey 3 J570

    My J4K updated to J471 at the same time the H3 updated to H371 on 1/27/24.
  3. LQQK

    OTA crazy

    I get the odd volume on OTA pretty frequently.
  4. LQQK

    Hopper 3 software H370 and Joey 3 J570

    I was watching Barrett Jackson, Scottsdale, and when I wanted to skip back 10 seconds or more it wouldn’t do it on my JK4s or H3. After trying to rewind or skip back the picture would freeze up, and the only thing I could do was change the channel and then return which caused the loss of what I...
  5. LQQK

    Hopper 3 software H370 and Joey 3 J570

    I hope soon. I'm having issues with 71.
  6. LQQK

    Hopper 3 software H371

    My H3 has been Updated to H371. I didn't get the H370 that others reported.
  7. LQQK

    Hopper 3 software H370 and Joey 3 J570

    Mine updated to H371.
  8. LQQK

    MeTV Removed from Dish

    Sorry, I forgot I posted about it. I was passing on what I thought was information on it being available on DISH.
  9. LQQK

    MeTV Removed from Dish

    We have it here (Lincoln, NE.)...
  10. LQQK

    Bonus view classics fast channels new on the hopper 3

    I counted 15 channels, and I will have to check them out. I'm watching 2001: A Space Odyssey right now.
  11. LQQK


    I started watching after the episode had started , people were being rescued from drowning, I thought well the plane must have splash landed. Then I realized I was watching a capsized ferry rescue. The next episode was about a train wreck!
  12. LQQK

    Frame By Frame on Hopper 54.0 remote?

    I just tried it...Worked...Thanks, Bobby.
  13. LQQK

    Recorded Shows skipping to the end

    This has been happening more frequently. Last evening I watched a FX-recorded program and it jumped to the end when I FFed it and, like you, would not rewind. I went to a live program and went to another live program, then back to the DVR and selected "Watch" It works but it is very frustrating...
  14. LQQK

    Guess Who's Getting Remarried?

    I watched the interview Tuesday. Dish and EchoStar CEOs.
  15. LQQK

    Software version H358

    Mine was updated on 6/29/23 to H344.
  16. LQQK

    Software version H358

    Mine is still on H344.
  17. LQQK

    Need help understanding H3 screen message

    I also got the Guide update but not the rest of what you saw. I'm currently watching 4 programs (Multi-View) it's the best reception/clarity I've ever had???
  18. LQQK

    Need help understanding H3 screen message

    It wasn't stuck but it was my 1st time seeing it. Thanks for the TIP.
  19. LQQK

    Need help understanding H3 screen message

    Turned on our H3 this morning, this was on the screen. I’ve never seen it before. What does it mean and should I be concerned?
  20. LQQK

    Hopper 3 H351

    This is great news. (at least it is to me.) I really appreciate what you’ve done. Haven’t found much to get excited about concerning Dish TV, lately! I may try to force feed the update if it doesn’t automatically download overnight. Thanks again.
  21. LQQK

    Hopper 3 H351

    **Request** Try Multi-View with one block a DVR Recording, try the FF/RW, Skip Ahead & Back, full screen and back to Multi-View. Usually one of those commands causes my H3 to reboot. Mine is still on H343.
  22. LQQK

    Hopper 3 - Version H348

    I 100% Agree.
  23. LQQK

    Received email from Netflix about household sharing

    Was gonna add my sister but due to billing thru Verizon can't add her at the $7.99 rate.
  24. LQQK

    Hopper 3 H341

    Maybe the software department should go 100% AI.
  25. LQQK

    Hopper 3 H341

    It went back to H339.