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  1. ZandarKoad

    Welcome Home!

    Just wanted to drop in and say congratulations on the big new site design roll out! I know that's no small task. I think it looks great!
  2. ZandarKoad

    Unusual question about satellite install jobs

    Like Claude said, they can make up any reason on the spot, so yes. But they are normally highly motivated financially (whether employee or contractor) to complete each job. So when it does happen, the installer must have other more powerful (to them) motivations that overcome that incentive to...
  3. ZandarKoad

    Recommendation for satellite signal meter for DirecTV

    A cheaper solution may be to buy a 50' length of good coax, and use that as a test jumper to and from different points on the coax network. Connect it to a different receiver, etc. That may also help narrow things down instead of buying a meter.
  4. ZandarKoad

    Recommendation for satellite signal meter for DirecTV

    I don't see your link or image for Amazon. I'm used to mostly professional grade meters like the Applied Instruments XR-3 or DirecTV's own AIM meter. Those two would absolutely work (the AIM would be a bit better in some respects, but limit you to mostly DirecTV analysis).
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    DISH and Amazon deliver Alexa voice control on Hopper DVR

    Well I am looking forward to the hilarious / horrible stories of recursive false commands being sent and heard by this new system. Unlike in the story, the Hoppers will be responsible for not only...
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    " Christmas Present" ??

    A professional calibration on a capable set (true 120Hz) should be able to eliminate all interpolation (which leads to the soap opera effect) for all media formats - 24, 30, and 60 fps.
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    DISH vs DirecTV Channel Comparison?

    Should this be a sticky in the war zone?
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    Install question for house & guesthouse at same address

    Hey Claude, what's the best way to find a local DirecTV dealer? Keep us posted, Chris_R, I want to hear how this turns out. I know you can contact independent installers (see my signature) for on-sight advice, but I would be better to go with a local dealer since you'll be buying receivers...
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    Has DISH discontinued the OTA dongle?

    So... Did these dongles ever come back in stock (sorry, Google show's this as the #1 result on the topic).
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    At&t's future plan for Satellite service?

    LOL I just re-read the title of the OP's article. My understanding was: "DirecTV will now become AT&T's primary video platform..." I missed the capital N on "Now." :D I see what you mean!
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    DISH has lost 420,000 subs so far this year

    I'd like to speculate on what happens in 5 years, but man... That is an eternity in the tech world. I feel like I'd be just as qualified to talk about how people will be living in 1,000 years! lol
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    Any word on Dish price increases?

    I wish either provider (or ANY provider) would just ONCE actually LOWER all subscription costs across the board. Has it ever been done before? I would think it would attract a lot of customers and/or positive PR... The price increases are so formulaic and boring. (And I'm not talking about a...
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    DISH has lost 420,000 subs so far this year

    Nothing is cheaper than delivery than DBS. It literally has zero added network load for delivery, and can put through terabytes of data per day, per user. IP internet network can't even come close. But of course the IP connection is critical for an upstream path, so the TV providers can learn...
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    At&t's future plan for Satellite service?

    I agree 100% with espaeth. He used way to many zeros though. lol I recon that 80% of the people watch the same 20% of the content out there. DBS is perfect for delivering the same identical content to millions of people. The IP network is not. It's the same reason people ONLY talk about...
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    DIRECTV Down?

    I'd hate to be a technician today... I gather trouble calls on newly installed systems hit a record high. So much for that bonus...
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    Dish alignment

    I would have someone inside looking at the signal strength while you go outside and gently twist the dish left, right, up, down. Talk to them on the phone while you do you "push / pull" test so they can read the numbers from the screen as you do it.
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    Have you ever hired an independent installer?

    Which city are you in? Most satellite installers have a coverage area of 75 miles or so (it varies). But at 80 miles, I don't think the trip fee would be that bad - but it all depends.
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    Have you ever hired an independent installer?

    *COUGH* lookatmysignaturewebuiltawebsitethatlistsalmosteveryindependentinstallerinthenation *COUGH* :)
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    Have you ever hired an independent installer?

    I'm trying to find 101 reasons to call a local installer. I only have 70 so far. :) Thanks for your feedback!
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    Local installer options

    Oh, and your question about identifying the unused dishes prompted me to write a complete article on the topic. Though this information may be more useful for the satellite technician you find. In short, there are five ways to tell if a dish is still being used: The LNB is Missing The Cables...
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    Local installer options

    Sorry for the delay. I had some troubles logging in to Satellite Guys, but Scott helped me out. So yes, I absolutely endorse Claude if he'll cover the area you are in. Or maybe you can use his designs with local techs. The stuff isn't magic, but it does require specialized knowledge to plan...
  22. ZandarKoad

    Have you ever hired an independent installer?

    Have you ever hired a local independent satellite technician for anything? Obviously Dish has their own team of trained professionals, but over the years I've actually had Dish Network contact me directly (as an independent technician) a few times to do things for them that their own installers...
  23. ZandarKoad

    Can Dish and Cable Co-exist on Coax?

    With Hoppers & Joyes, you are dealing with MoCA frequencies on the line in the 650 MHz to 875 MHz range. Cable TV and internet operates in frequencies under 1000 MHz, which is why there is a high probability for conflict. Upstream frequencies are typically under 50 MHz, and the downstream path...
  24. ZandarKoad

    Outage coincidence?

    I think technically the "we're aware" screen is accurate, so long as you have a return path (phone line or internet connected to Dish system) and the set top system health monitoring is active. Your dish could be blocked by trees or be suffering other local signal degradation, and the fact that...
  25. ZandarKoad

    TWO portable Dish antennas for two-channel access?

    I'm not entirely clear on what advantage you hope to gain with this setup. Could you rephrase what your end goal is? Side note: Your single line in to the 722 is not connected via a "splitter." (At least, it shouldn't be.) It is connected via a DPP separator, correct?