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    Please add me to your list for the Hopper 3.
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    Hopper Upgrades

    Current customer (250 channel plan) beyond two year contract. Have two VIP722 and one sling adapter. Would like to upgrade to two hoppers with sling and two Joeys. Have home service in monthly payment. What would my conversion cost be? Also change to monthly bill?
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    Des Moines Iowa HD Locals

    I haven't seen a answer to the question: Does satellite 129 carry the same channels as 61.5. Where would I find this information?
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    Des Moines Iowa HD Locals

    I saw where HD locals were uplinked to satellite 61.5 on 09/24/08. Called Dish today and they said no HD locals were available. I get 129 instead of 61.5. Someone here said the these two satellites mirrored eachother. Is anyone able to get HD locals via Dish(not via own attenna)? World...
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    Uplink Activity Report - 9/24/2008 6:02pm - 87 changes

    I live in Des Moines and have a 1000.2 dish. I get no signal on the 61.5 location. Do I need to get another dish or will the local channels be available on other satellites as well?
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    Dish has dropped local ABC- prorated credit?

    WOI in Ames is now broadcasting on Dish.