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    Retailers: Do you have 322/522 for sale? CEO seems to think so.

    Retailers do have restrictions on some models and under which promotions they can be sold and would be unable to get them activated for anyone other than a new customer in that particular promotion, however, remans can be bought directly from E* or some other distributor and sold. Some...
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    Early Contract Termination

    I think your information is incorrect, E* makes no guarantee of programming in their customer contracts or any literature.
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    Would you leave Dish if they stop carrying CBS?

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After four months of deadlocked contract negotiations, EchoStar in January filed a lawsuit in federal court in a bid to block Viacom from pulling its broadcasts of local CBS stations from its subscribers in...
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    New Dish Network PIG Ads

    While the commercial maybe creative...the way it was filmed doesn't exactly show "digital quality"...
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    Quick Question about DHP and Non DHP customer

    Remember that DHP requires Social Security numbers along with credit approval...and credit reports have both husband and wife's SSN on them.
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    Live Retailer Charlie Chat Update

    Retailers are hearing all sorts of excuses nationwide...inventory computer glitches, weather delays and "oops we don't have any to ship so you won't be getting the ones I said you would". Retailers are sitting and waiting on the official written business rules we must follow as a...
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    HELP! Condo Association Problem...not the usual though

    Take a look at this Also if you have a sliding glass door you could drill holes in the frame on the side that does not move.
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    A La Cart?

    DaveO, currently your simple question has some very varied answers...Yes,it is possible to get just locals IF they are available to you and you are not signed into a promotion which is still active. You will pay an additional "access fee" above the cost of the local, along with any DVR charges...
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    Dish Executive VP Resigns

    Interesting rumor,she is in a very powerful position and is considered very high up with the corporation. Things that fall under her duties are the call centers, CSR and RA'ing...
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    Any good reseller in SF Bay Area ?

    He may or may not be listed in E*'s VRU...this is from
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    Any good reseller in SF Bay Area ?

    # Wireless Depot 685 Market St. Suite 130 San Francisco, CA 94105 1-888-628-3474 1-888-628-3474 About: 1 miles # Satellite Zone 8889 International Blvd Oakland, CA 94601 1-888-628-3474
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    30 Days for new Install, is that normal?

    To look locally try
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    Can I sell my free DVR510 without penalty from E*?

    There still are conditions with the upgrade and a claim form presented with those conditions. He still would be disconnecting the receiver..what Dish would do or can do will depend on how far into his 2 year agreement he is.
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    Can I sell my free DVR510 without penalty from E*?

    Better read your contract/s closley...Was it a DHP promotion? Dish ties the receiver to the promotion...but IMHO it is not yours to sell.
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    Question about new install - 1st Post

    The retailer followed standard procedure when International programming is envolved.
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    How many receivers

    Promos and desired programming may also dictate how many receivers you can have.
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    How many receivers

    The problem isn't so much as how many you can have but what you are limited to by Dish Network.
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    DISH Network's NBA TV in High Definition

    The blocks are available to DISH Network customers who receive NBA TV as subscribers to America's Everything Pak, the Multi Sport package or NBA League Pass programming packages and who have one of the following satellite receiver models: DISH 811, model 6000 or 6000u with an...
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    Question for DISH retailers

    bmwaaron, sorry you feel that your retailer was being a jerk...Please take into consideration the retailer undoubtedly has just spent a great deal of money to advertise to get first time customers and the 811 isn't yet plentiful.He had to make a decision based on what was best for his business...
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    Am I considered an existing customer?

    DHP customers are excluded from being able to participate in the 811 promotion for existing customers.
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    Question for DISH retailers

    bmwaaron, E* doesn't refer sales or upgrades out to the local retailer/s. You will be handled by the DNSC.
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    FLASH: Dish 811 now $199 for Existing Customers!

    Unless you recently became an E* customer it is rather doubtful E* will be able to tell you who the "retailer of record" is. I suggest you look at the contracts that you signed, retailer information should be on the paperwork.
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    Scott's Thoughts - The Chat, Phones and More!

    If dropping mirror fees was a priority a whole house solution would have been a major priority years ago.