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    No DVDs by Mail for me

    Had same problem despite linking accounts & plenty of titles in queue. Called BB CS twice last week. TODAY (1 week after signing up) the first DVD has finally been mailed!
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    SatelliteGuys First Look Review - DISH Sling Adapter

    Dish remote works fine on any platform with Internet Explorer or Firefox. Current Chrome browser does not support plugin (unless you use IE tab) for online TV watch via Dish account. I use my iPad!!
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    SatelliteGuys First Look Review - DISH Sling Adapter

    Got 722k & sling adapter. Setup easy. TIP!!!!!! if you use the Chrome browser, you must use an IE extension. Requires an Activex add on. Then it all works fine! Works well & smooth with Dish app on iPad. Works surprisingly well with Dish app on Android phone either 3G or wifi. You DO NOT need...
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    Coming Soon: The DISH Sling Adapter!

    doubt any support for Win Mobile. Maybe for newer Windows Phone 7. The $30 app should work.
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    DISH 622 (L631) & 922 (S110) Software Release Notes

    great. thanks. same as 622. Could not tell from pictures. I got a powered USB hub just in case. Got a 722k upgrade by calling (free w/ $15 service call fee). Plan to add $99 sling adapter next. Dish website will not let you order the sling adapter until the 722 is installed!
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    922 vs. 722/Sling/Google TV

    722k to guarantee TV2; sling adapter $100 SKIP Google TV & get a Roku box $70-100 for Netflix & add Hulu Plus!
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    DISH 622 (L631) & 922 (S110) Software Release Notes

    how many USB ports are on the 722k??? I wan to connect a hard drive storage as well as a sling adapter.
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    Just got the $10/month Platinum charge removed...

    I had already planned to drop the Platinum HD for the $10/mon since channels not worth it except universal HD during Olympics. So I went to online CSR to request a removal. He immediately replied that I could keep channels for FREE. Ok then! Easy. I agree it would have been NICER for Dish to...
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    Tech Chat Caps 9-10

    Flash would b great. We could then technically access XM radio online!! I really would like to be able to access Netflix streaming. Dish needs to see this feature as not aiding Netflix, but as added value to the 922 player
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    Team Summit 922 Pics

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    Team Summit 922 Pics

    It was a $1000 clunker. But if it helped to progress the HD DVR R&D being the first satellite HD DVR then maybe worth it. I was able to sell on Ebay for ~$500 later!
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    Team Summit 922 Pics

    Oh the horror of the first 921 DVRs.......I was in that first wave of owners!!
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    Team Summit 922 Pics

    2 Questions: 1. Is the TV3 monitor designed to easily mount on a treadmill or is it small enough to rig something up?? 2. Any word on adding a Netflix widget?? This would be a good addition. Amazon maybe not since it competes directly with PPV.
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    5/8/2009 9:04am - Uplink Activity Report - 21 changes

    I have AEP with ALL HD. However, this am Fx & Speed are not lit up as HD yet?!?! What gives?
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    Dish Network Press Conference - Live Coverage

    With Internet browser, wonder if we will be able to access Netflix Instant Watch???
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    Dish Network Press Conference - Live Coverage

    With Internet browser, wonder if we will be able to access Netflix Instant Watch???
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    Any new HD Channels coming?

    Always SOON! :up:up:up
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    Current space holders for 20 new HD!

    I would like to see Fox News & Fox business in HD. I would DVR Dave Ramsey on FBN!
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    Current space holders for 20 new HD!

    When checking the 129 LIST, there are 20 HD channel space holders already there just waiting for COMPELLING CONTENT.:)
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    PPV & USB question???

    If you buy a PPV & transfer to USB before watching, can you get around the stupid 24hr viewing??? Will it stay on USB after the 1 week expiration??? The new 24hr viewing has stopped me from buying any PPV especially if I cannot keep them on DVR to watch again later.
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    New HD Channels on Dish

    Its called Cinemax HD!!
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    100+ National HD Channels?

    Also, Golf HD & VS HD SHARE the same CHANNEL, but will probably be counted as TWO HD channels. Of course WFN HD is CRAP with no HD & its FISHING for goodness sake. WHY, WHY, WHY would anyone watch fishing in HD???????????????????????
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    Did Max HD West dropped the signal?

    Oops! The techs probably thought it was a Voom channel
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    No New Hd On 05-07-08

    Disney HD, Toon Disney HD, ABC Fam HD, ESPN News HD, Bravo HD, & Cartoon Net HD were UPLINKED but not yet available............
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    DishNetwork Uplink Activity Report - 3/19/2008 11:50am - 25 changes

    But looks like 24/7 Jenna Jameson! I guess promoting PORN is more important than providing HD content for DISH