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    Bloomberg Ch 203

    Does anyone watch ch 203 Bloomberg Business? Starting July 1 it switched from Standard US format to TV+ format with the screen cluttered with test.. I'm trying to find out if I can go back to the old format. No help from Dish or Blommberg.
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    Dish / Gannett Dispute Settled! No Channel Removals!

    WCSH 6 Portland, Maine still up on Sunday morning
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    Dish WiFi Connector

    I have a 722 receiver and I'm thinking of getting the sling box to be able to access my programing via the internet on an iPAD. The only way to connect my 722 to my router is via a wireless connection since they are on different floors of the house. That was why I asked the original question.
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    Dish WiFi Connector

    Thanks for the info!
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    Dish WiFi Connector

    Is anyone using the Dish WiFi connector with a 722 receiver? Does is work okay? Any issues?
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    Echostar 15 at 61.5W - Post your signals!

    Receiver: 722 Area: Shapleigh, ME Weather: Cloudy Dish: 1000.4 Time/Date: 8:00PM ET 8/5/10 TP 2: 37 TP 4: 55 TP 8: 59 TP 10: 40 TP 14: 50 TP 19: 41 TP 20: 48 TP 21: 61 TP 22: 41 TP 25: 51 TP 27: 41 TP 28: 45 TP 29: 59 TP 30: 40 TP 31: 44
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    61.5 HD Core Migrations Update

    I live in Southern Maine and have been a Dish subscriber for 10 years. I have the 250 package w/ HD and locals on 61.5, 110 and 119 using two dishes. On Saturday morning, I called Dish to ask about the dish change for Eastern Arc to get the new HD channels. After checking for 15 minutes, the CSR...
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    Dish Programming Changes (Effective August 1st)

    This is about as clear as mud!! Someone should tell Dish what KISS means. There is no need to make the pricing plans so complex. As we all know their, marketing folks are almost as bad as their customer service organization. Despite all this nonsense , I'm still very happy with my Dish TV after...
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    Post your 61.5W Signal Strengths

    Receiver type: 722 Dish: 500 Area: 04076 Date/Time: 5/27/09 13:42 Light Rain 01: 00 Unlocked 03: 87 05: 92 07: 86 09: 88 11: 71 13: 57 15: 00 Unlocked 17: 49 19: 51 21: 53 23: 52 24: 58 25: 58 All Transponders
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    Channel Master 9521A rotor Control

    I have a large VHF/UHF Yagi antenna in the attic above my garage. I bought a Channel Master 9521A rotor to turn this antenna. Because of limitations/difficulty of running rotor cable from the garage attic to my living room room, I purchased a RF to IR converter from Next Generation Home...
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    No response from CEo@echostar

    I emailed CEO a week or two ago about a billing issue and they replied within a day or two. They partially resolved my issue.
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    I added 61.5, extended my contract, and was still still charged

    I did the exact same thing that you did and my charge was zero. However, I got the commitment upfront that I would not be charged by complaining to the service rep and being transferred to a special dept. My bill was a little messed up for a couple of months. The first month after the upgrade I...
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    dish network: what a nightmare!! had no choice went with direct tv.

    Sorry for the typo, but you got the point. Is that the only intelligence you could add ?
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    dish network: what a nightmare!! had no choice went with direct tv.

    I have a hard time taking people seriously when they can't even write a coherent paragraph with a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence. It looks like the jibberish I read on a lot of music forums and some blogs. The English language is being butchered by all this im and text messaging...
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    How Dish's 1080p is going to work...

    Thanks for that info !! I guess I'm all set then.
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    How Dish's 1080p is going to work...

    Thanks for the info. I'll check for any firmware updates. While the movie is playing, I press info on the TV remote and it say 1920X1080 @ 24 Hz. NO 1080p or i, just 1080.
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    How Dish's 1080p is going to work...

    Ok , now I have rented it and it plays fine. Looks good, but when I do the HDMI test, it still shows my TV as 1080i.
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    How Dish's 1080p is going to work...

    I am happy to report that I am Legend ( VOD 1080p) showed up on my guide this morning. I haven't tried it yet.
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    How Dish's 1080p is going to work...

    That is strange. I called Samsung tech support this morning and they told me my set would support 1080p 24fps on the HDMI input. May I ask where you found this info? Thanks.....Dan
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    Who has L610 on his/her 722 and NO CH501?

    I have L610 on my 722 (verified on menu) and 4 movies listed for ch 501, but no 1080p movie listed as of 9:30 am on Friday.
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    How Dish's 1080p is going to work...

    Still don't have it here at 8:30 am
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    How Dish's 1080p is going to work...

    I also got the new SW on my 722. When I look at the guide for ch 501, it shows four shows but not the 1080p one. I know my Samsung LN40A-750 TV is setup for 1080p. I called Dish, but the CSR didn't seem to have a clue. Hopefully this will resolve itself over time.
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    D*/E* Merger?

    John Malone from Liberty Media ( part owner of DirecTV) was on CNBC this morning. He was pessimistic about any merger because of continued antitrust concerns. No action at least until after the election. Of course this was a public statement and may not be the whole truth.
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    Wireless TV Extender

    Thanks for all the responses.
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    Dish Network Review

    I have had Dish for over 8 years. My experience has been mostly very positive. I just upgraded to HD. A Dish technician removed my single Super Dish and replaced it with two smaller Dishes, replaced my two receivers, and made sure everything was working. The technician was from Dish and he did...