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    Dish Store

    So, this morning after I paid my bill I decided to look around the Dish website. I ended up in the Dish Store. Even though it's probably been like it is since the site went down, and I have been there several times, this morning I found it a little sad that there is nothing there anymore. I...
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    Why doesn’t my Hopper 3 shut off (go to sleep) from the remote power button?

    If your Hopper is on the internet then use your voice remote to give the Hopper the simple command "turn off" and that should do it.
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    Dish Network desperate to raise money to meet 5G deadline, source says

    Ok, Bruce. My questions to you are, what do you want us to do with your never ending stream of negative information about Dish and Charlie Ergen? If everyone that reads your posts says Bruce, you're right, I am leaving Dish today, would that feed your endless hunger to drag Dish to the bottom...
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    I'm returning to Dish, what would i expect for the switch back

    First, congratulations!, you made a wise decision to come back. The Hopper 3 is the best there is. I, personally, have no experience with the Plus but the Joeys are very good. You left DTV but it might come back to you! As for Bally, they're done. It's funny to remember how many people...
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    Charlie Ergen flew to Dubai to fundraise for satellite TV giant

    I am a Dish customer of today. I am not rural. I have internet options of cable and fiber, with Spectrum being the cable option. I have the top 250 plan plus some add ons. It's rare that I can't find the sports event I want to watch on Dish, so then some of the truly pain in the rear options...
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    Missing YouTube Channel 371 from Hopper 3 Guide

    Good call! I had already checked my guide and it's there. After I read your post I checked the settings and it is set to all subscribed. That's why I read this forum. You saved a lot of people a lot of time! Maybe you should have posted it as a challenge to see how long it would have taken...
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    Adding a 4th receiver question?

    To me, it's very simple. Ethernet. Until this thread I never even gave it a thought about the number of receivers I could use. At any given time I am using my Hopper 3, Joey 4, Wireless Joey, and 2 Joey 3s. It depends on the number of visitors. I would not hesitate to add another Joey if it...
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    Disney Networks Dispute Recitifed

    The thing that bothers me the most about this is no advanced warning! That's the greed on both sides. It proves, without doubt, neither Dish nor Disney has a care about the viewers. I have been understanding towards Dish through all the past inconveniences, but this might be the one. Correct me...
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    Dish Reliability

    So, I saw a Dish commercial that said if you lose signal call 800-225-5347, 800 CALL DISH. It says we will receive bill credit(s) for loss of signal. The most common criticism I hear when I say I have Dish is that, for example, if it sprinkles the signal drops. I always refute that BS and...
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    I feel gypped!

    I have had Dish for over 19 years. I have always had the 250 package. Many times over the years Dish has had free previews. I think the one I saw this morning was for Animal Planet. The problem I have is that the Top 250, with the exception of the premium channels, already has the channels being...
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    Dish and DirecTV once again in talks despite antitrust.

    If there is such a thing as a content providers lobby I know where they're spending their money. They can't deal with Charlie with 8.5 million cards, imagine how much they are looking forward to him having 23 million cards to play!
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    Hopper Plus new hardware??

    Inside an almost empty Rupp Arena in Lexington KY prior to a basketball game.
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    Can’t Live Without Dish

    I have said the same thing in the past. I am anxious to see the new device for the Hopper that will integrate streaming. That will surely be the best of both worlds! I started fooling with streaming with the 1st Roku. It has come a long way as far as variety but doesn't come close to Dish, even...
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    DISH Named #1 by J.D. Power for Four Straight Years

    This is great and validates my posts about Dish being the best provider and worth what is, maybe, a higher cost. It makes me dizzy to read about all of the different combinations of OTT and streaming service providers it takes to get what you get from Dish for not much, if any, of a monthly...
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    It's been nice ride...

    I'm a young gun at only 19 years of continuous service with Dish. I am not looking for a new provider but with so many options it's easy to be exposed to them. My employer actually has a decent streaming service that, because I get a fantastic employee price, I actually subscribe to! I mainly...
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    Only ONE Streaming Channel at a time?

    I appreciate this opportunity. I do not use Moca. The only coax in my setup is from the dish to the H3. I am on Ethernet Top to the rest of my system and it works flawlessly. It goes to a GB switch, back a 16 port GB switch which from there distributes to 4 additional GB switches. That would...
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    Channel 290

    The last thread I found about streaming channel 290 in search was from June of 2020. I would really like to see Dish expand on this. There are so many channels available. The Roku channel has quite a few that I would of otherwise never heard of. I think expanding streaming channel options would...
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    Dish and Bitcoin

    Hey folks. Dish has been accepting Bitcoin for payments for several years. I do not have a position in Bitcoin so have never used it as a payment method. Does anyone know someone who has? Can you imagine what a $100 payment made in the last few years has turned in to? I was wondering if Dish...
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    dish vs. directv rain fade: dish wins.

    Hey guys/gals. I live in Lexington KY and we are on the other side of an ice storm. I received, at my house, probably a little excess of 1/4 inch of ice. The ice hasn't melted yet but so far only 1 large branch has fallen but my neighbor lost a pretty good size tree. Have not lost electricity...
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    Show me the money!

    I appreciate the Dish effort to keep program costs down. That being said, if all disputes were settled today, how much will my monthly bill go up?
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    Can I connect a Hopper 3 to multiple Joeys through my home Ethernet network?

    I think it's worth noting that my house does not have a finished basement which means I can easily run wires, which I have. I have never had the need to see if using a wireless adapter in each Joey and the Hopper would work. My suspicion is that it would. I think you would log each one into the...
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    Can I connect a Hopper 3 to multiple Joeys through my home Ethernet network?

    You are correct, KaptainRandom. My bad. I said coax from the LNB to the router. Should say from the LNB to the Hopper3. Sorry about that.
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    Can I connect a Hopper 3 to multiple Joeys through my home Ethernet network?

    The reason I use switches at each Joey, Hopper whatever, if needed, is that I have multiple devices connecting to the internet. I found that Gb switches are the only ones to use. Here goes.. The Hopper3 connects to an 8 port Gb switch. That switch goes to a 16 port switch. The 16 port switch...
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    Can I connect a Hopper 3 to multiple Joeys through my home Ethernet network?

    Ethernet absolutely works. I have a Hopper3, 2 Joey 3.0, 1 4K Joey, and a wireless Joey. The only coax is from the LNB to the Hopper. I don't remember if I use Ethernet Top or Bottom, doesn't matter. I only use Gb switches. This setup works perfectly. I don't think Dish, for whatever reason...
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    Intuitive Hopper?

    I haven't seen this mentioned. Whatever time I turn either one of my Hoppers on, it comes on tuned to the channel I usually watch at that time, regardless of the channel the Hopper was on when it was turned off. I could post many different examples. It just happened with the Reds broadcast on...