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Dec 7, 2010
Lexington KY
The last thread I found about streaming channel 290 in search was from June of 2020. I would really like to see Dish expand on this. There are so many channels available. The Roku channel has quite a few that I would of otherwise never heard of. I think expanding streaming channel options would be added value to our subscriptions.

I have Rokus, Apple TV, an Android option from Windstream. I hate having to change tuners. The more options I have with Dish the more enjoyable it is to watch TV, especially with so many channels going to subscriptions. As much as I love sports I refuse to subscribe to Disney+, same with Discovery+ even though I am a huge fan of HGTV.

Charlie, give me more reasons to stay with Dish. I drink the kool-aid, I think for many reasons that Dish is the best service provider. Streaming channel options are kinda fun and much easier than trying to flip flop between tuners.
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