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    211 Hard Drive Limit Still 1 TB?

    Is the EHD limit on the 211 still 1GB...........Thanks
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    I just plugged it in and followed the promts and much for "dish tech support" :rolleyes:
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    Online chat attempt to activate EHD failed, Dish unable to activate until futher notice. Anyone knows a timeline for restoring ths feature?
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    Do you Have an EHD?

    Three for 211 x 1 & 211k x 2
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    Using PC to transfer movies between hard drives?

    Is the limit on EHD for the 211 still 1TB? many good deals on the 1.5TB and 2TB
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    External Hard Drive Question

    Is the EHD limit still 1TB? many good deals on 1.5TB and 2TB
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    Eastern arc dish performance in bad weather

    Eastern Arc is down, moving to DVR.........Californication here I come.
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    Goodbye DISH.....Hello DirecTV.....

    I currently have below and wondering what the comparable package would be and any current promotions? I am out of contract and have free OTA for locals. HBO & Sho $24.00 HD Solo Receiver $7.00 America's Top 250 $59.99 HD Platinum - Free 3 Months $0.00 Starz - Free 3 Months $0.00 Monthly...
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    Anyone dropped Platinum from their HD & Platinum and kept "HD for Life?" It Says HD For Life is already activated on my account, not committed or paid $99
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    200 HD channels?

    Here they are...................................................;) 200 HD Channels - DISH Network (
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    New HD is UP

    Finally..... I will be making the switch to America's Top 250+Platinum+Premiums.
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    2 TB EHD'S are supported!

    211/211k Can a 2TB EHD work with a 211/211k with a L459 SW. Anyone please confirm?
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    922 Order

    I was told: $200 for the receiver and installation fee $15 $17 for the receiver and $10 for DVR per month. Quite steep
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    Charles Ergen Pay Drops By 92.5% Real-Time Snapshot: 04/01/2010 10:12 AM EDT 21.13 Change 0.31 % Change 1.49%
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    America's Everything Pak vs America's Top 250

    I am currently evaluating my programming package (Absolute HD) and considering going with either the America's Everything Pak or America's Top 250 depending on the HD channel's. The first claims to have 120 and the latter 95, is there any listing of just the 120 HD channel's for the America's...
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    Can you get the new HD from DISH?

    TRU-TV HD Fox Soccer Channel HD Retroplex HD Indieplex HD BBC America HD E! Entertainment Television HD Hallmark HD Showtime West HD Sportsman Channel HD
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    What HD channels do you want added next?

    My signature wish list .......absolutehd 4 life
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    Statement from DISH - Not Getting the New HD?

    Timeline on promtional code Any time line on the promotional code?
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    Hard Drive Bargain Watch

    I just ordered a WD 1.5 TB USB EHD, I currently have a WD 1TB connected to my VIP211. How do I switch EHD's without losing content......sorry for the noob question.
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    Post Your Bill

    DISH ABSOLUTE $29.99 TAXES $0.42 TOTAL $30.41
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    Rumor Revived: Will Verizon Buy A Sat TV Company? - Tech Trader Daily - On a slow news day, the Wall Street Journal has dusted off the old telco-buys-sat TV company rumors. In a Heard on the Street piece, the Journal says that the odds of Verizon (VZ) buying DirecTV (DTV) could...
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    time to say goodbye to AbsoluteHD???

    dishHD Absolute - $29.99 HBO - $15.99 $45.98 $46.40 monthly after taxes (No commitment) HBO really helps...................Like andyin137 I too can,t justify $35...
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    HD-Only Package Questions

    BBCA HD availablity might make me switch.........maybe not
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    DISH Network Reports Second Quarter 2009 Financial Results

    Profit falls (Tivo); net subscribers rise (?)
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    Any help/suggestions for Absolute HD customers??

    ENCORE HD (E) Lucky you: (23-12-3) John S.: Thank you for contacting Dish Network. We are the HD and DVR leader. My name is John, operator ID number is Z1Z. How are you today? DIRAN ONI: Fine and you (23-12-3) John S.: I am fine thank you. (23-12-3) John S.: Thank you. To get Encore in...