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    OTA Antenna Question?

    I know this question has been asked many, many times before so please be patient with me as I ask it one more time. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I checked as described on this forum. I am a little confused on how to read the info. My main goal is to get my locals in...
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    Dish Network Has Tnt Hd!!!!

    Not on my 811 yet. Not even on the channel guide. I am out on the west coast, will it be available out here too?
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    I Need a Little help?

    Thanks, I probably will have them come out a fourth time. Maybe this time they can fix it!
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    I Need a Little help?

    USA,Network, FX, and TBS also come in poorly, is this also do to a bad signal from the broadcaster? I have another TV in my sons room that does not get the same PQ that I receiver with the Sony, and his TV is not that good of a TV.
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    Properly Hooked Up?

    I am just curious if my RPTV is hooked up correctly. I have an 811 HD tuner hooked up to a Pioneer PRO510. It is hooked up via component cables and not a DVI cable. I have adjusted the picture considerably and it has helped. Just curious if it can be better? Also, is there any word as...
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    I Need a Little help?

    I am very new to the satellite experience and so far it hasn't been too great. I have a Sony 27 inch trinitron flat screen that is connected to a 311 tuner from Dish Network. I have had a terrible picture on it on some channels and an outstanding picture on others. The channels that are of...