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Apr 27, 2004
I am very new to the satellite experience and so far it hasn't been too great. I have a Sony 27 inch trinitron flat screen that is connected to a 311 tuner from Dish Network. I have had a terrible picture on it on some channels and an outstanding picture on others. The channels that are of poor quality are most but not limited to local channels (ABC, NBC being the worst, and CBS). I have had three different service techs come out and the problem is still there. Each tech has said everything is working and is hooked up exactly like it should be. Signal strength is at 97.
I also have a Pioneer Pro510 hooked up to an 811 HD Tuner but that picture is O.K. At least it's probably as good as its going to get until I can watch all channels in HD.
The picture on the Sony is visibly flakey like very light digital squares. They are very visible on dark clothing or in dark scenes. They flicker and can lighten or darken the image.
Any advice on what it might be would be greatly appreciated.
Local channel issues with PQ come from the broadcaster, mostly. Dish can't help it.

As for the 311.. not sure, going to have to punt.
bcshields said:
Local channel issues with PQ come from the broadcaster, mostly. Dish can't help it.
No they can't. Well... except for the super incredible ultra high compression they use to fit a bazillion gazillion local channels in their limited bandwidth. But, other than that, no they can't help it.
USA,Network, FX, and TBS also come in poorly, is this also do to a bad signal from the broadcaster? I have another TV in my sons room that does not get the same PQ that I receiver with the Sony, and his TV is not that good of a TV.
Hmm.. nope, you have cable issues, it sounds.

Might be a connector that's grounding out.. or something, I'd get a tech to come back out and check the connections.
Try swapping with your sons receiver if his picture quality is "better" than your Sony. It might just be the difference in the display capabilities of the TV's.

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