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Apr 25, 2004
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I need some input from someone who knows more about satellites than me, I currently have a dish500 mounted in a tree, thats my only option as me yard is wooded. It very very rarely drops reception, and if it does it has to be very windy, my question is would a superdish work in the tree or not? I have heard that they are more sensitive to movement. I was also thinking of getting my 121 to the max and just use the superdish for locals and the d500 for the 119/110 channels, just a thought though. Any input would be appreciated.
You could attach a tower to the house and put a dish on it or trim the tree and put the dish on the roof so that the signal can go above it.
Too many trees for a pole and they are not my trees. Don't want to spend money on a tower just to be able to get locals on dish. I just want to know if the 121 on the superdish is more sensitive to movement than 110/119. Basically would the superdish in a tree work or not? THe dish500 works great in the tree.
Lawman the Super dish is 36" versus 20 inches for the DISH 500 which is going to catch more wind? The DBS satellites are spaced 9 degrees apart so the satellite sees more satellite signal without being perfectly aimed. FSS satellites (121) are spaced 2 degrees apart so the aim must be right on or you can pickup intefering signals from an adjacent satellite. Do I have to tell you the answer or do you have enough experience with wind movement mounted in a tree.
If you are really desperate to get the SuperDish put in without the cost of putting up a tower and the tree is really strong, you could mount it to the tree at your own risk and perhaps have to repeak the signal as the tree grows, as long as there would be no branches or leaves in the way of the signal where you would mount it. Once you mount it there you could see what kind of experience you have with it.

You could also keep your Dish 500 in the tree and put a PrimeStar dish in the tree as well that is dedicated to the 121 slot that way if you did have any problems it would only be with 121 with your locals, not the entire system. You could put the FSS lnbf from the SuperDish onto the PrimeStar dish in which would still allow you to hook up the DP-34 switch to it.
The only reason for the superdish is so I can get my locals, it would be nice to be able to pause them and dvr them instead of using tape. I don't really need a superdish, just looking for some convience. The tree is a very large maple tree, more than enough to handle the superdish, I have had a dish in the tree for about 6 years now, only had to get up there a couple of times, one of them was to replace my dish to a d500 dish. I might just go ahead and try it there, whats the worse that could happen, nothing! Might even just use the superdish for the 121 only, not sure yet. I am going to leave my d500 right were it is, that way if I need it it is ready to go. Thanks for the input guys, I will try and post pic when I get home from work, that way you can see what I am dealing with.
How big is the SD? Tech Support said 24" oval. True? Can anyone post a picture or a link to a picture? Supposed to be having one installed today.

Thanks in advance.

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