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    DVR limit of 5 recordings

    I'm new to DTV. I have lots of questions. For now, I'm trying to find out how to limit a series recording to 5 shows. We watch lots of older TV that is only on re-runs. I'll use MASH as an example. MASH has 11 seasons. I would like to watch a mix of all the seasons and not be limited to...
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    Verizon FIOS vs Time Warner Cable

    I have verizon fios with internet speeds of 50/25. Time warner cable (NYC) said they can match that speed if I switch. Does anyone know for a fact if TWC has such speed. thank you...
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    Price increase in NYC

    I live in NYC and have had FIOS for about 3-4 years. I have a FIOS triple play package and am out of contract. Actually the package I have is old and not even offered any longer. Last week a friend who lives a few blocks away said their bill went up and they called to complain. I called last...
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    Compatability question with VOIP

    I live in the NYC area. I have DTV with Tivo. I am interested in getting ATT VOIP. I am in the process of selecting a high speed internet provider. I am looking at EarthLink cable or Verizon FIOS. Does anyone know if there are problems with the Tivo units making the required phone call...
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    ATT DSLl & VOIP, confused

    I live in the NYC area. The Local phone company is Verizon. I have ported phone service with ATT for local and LD. I have WorldNet dial-up. Direct TV with tivo. I want to upgrade to ATT DSL and VOIP. I called ATT VOIP today and was so confused by what I was told. The ATT rep. told me...
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    Direct tv with DSL and Voip

    I have Direct tv service with 2 regular receivers and 2 Direct tv tivo receivers. I am considering getting DSL service and then ATT callvantage VOIP. I have about 12 phones in the house not counting the 4 receivers which are connected to the phone line. I have several other jacks not...
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    Transfer programs between DVR's

    I own 2 DirectTV TIVO DVR's. Is there a way to transfer a program from one DVR to the other??? Thanks.
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    Noise on the phone line

    Thanks. I did that already with the phone guy at the NID. The problem is inside. Is there a way I can isolate which inside wires are causing the problem. Is there a tool/meter I can use. I have lots of phone jacks.
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    Noise on the phone line

    Ever since I had DirectTV installed a few months ago I noticed there is noise on my phone line. A buzzing sound. I have 5 receives which are all connected to the phone line. I disconnected all of the receivers from the phone and there is still some noise. I took apart my phone jacks and...
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    New Dvr User

    Thanks for the input. I agree with #7 (and can probably think of a few more) but I did't metion it because I did't want to complain too much. I'm just baffled that my $40.00 dollar recever (it was free for me with 1 year agreement) is so fast and has so many better features than a $200.00 DVR...
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    New Dvr User

    I’m new to DirectTV. Had it about 2 months. I just upgraded one of my receivers to a DirectTV DVR Tivo unit. I have a few general questions/complaints and would appreciate any feed back. The unit that was installed is a Philips DSR 704. I did not have an option to pick a receiver. You get...