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    Voom's PQ Is Lousy

    I know it's not constructive, but all I can say is " what a schmoe".
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    the fudure of TV??

    Really?? Well, the opposite feeling here...after years of land line and DSL service from Verizon we couldn't be happier. Never ever an issue. DSL service @ $30/month vs $50/month for cable internet access....easy choice for us.
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    Voom has jerked us around, time to drop them

    Thus the post I assume???:rolleyes:
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    Should I cancel Voom?

    This does not reflect our canceling scenario at all. We canceled/de-installed just before the next billing period and our final bill showed a monthly charge and then credit on the same bill and we have not been billed since. I suspect they may have (V*) gotten past their billing debacle that...
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    Installs Inc. fails to provide schedualed service

    :eek: Any chance you spelled your address wrong???
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    Disgruntled VOOM Employee

    Exactly! Same 'ol same 'ol. On the same token, it's good reading. ;)
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    Cancelled before install

    Well, I canceled my V* because we moved and they wanted to charge us a fee I refused to pay. Let me tell you, after going back to D* the V* HD line-up is very very missed around here. D*'s offerings are dismal in comparison to say the least. If V* had the deal going thats offered right now...
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    VOOM - First Impressions

    It's the norm actually especially if the install company is busy. Doesn't help you I help yourself instead. You mentioned a torn ACL so you certainly aren't capable, but how about a friend, relative, brother or anybody for that matter. Gasp! Maybe even a local company that...
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    VOOM Satellite Service to Dramatically Increase to Over 70 HD channels by March 2005

    I reluctantly don't put much faith in V* anymore, but if this proves to pan out in March I would definitely sign back on. Of course this scenario will only take place if a DVR is out or version 2 of the STB is released. I put up with the present STB before switching back to D*, but will never...
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    Did Voom damage or help the HD future?

    The only ones V* hurt was themselves because they took a great idea with tremendous potential and turned it into a giant mess fraught with crappy equipment, poor customer service and empty promises. I have no doubts that if D*, E* or your local cable co. offered the same premium HD channels...
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    Amendment #4 To Form 10: Rainbow Media Enterprises (all related articles posted here)

    Is that a kicker or what!?!? They have had a year to straighten out the mess they created themselves....but yet it's the same-ol-same-ol modus operanda. What they need to do is fire everyone in the upper eschelon and get in some fresh blood before it's too late. Actually, it's beginning to...
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    Moving and V* policy = no good options

    Even better. I went based on what was listed at their web site. The CSR said ABC was on when I called but found it odd that the web listing contradicted that. Thanks for the confirmation.
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    Moving and V* policy = no good options

    Well, noon came and went. No call from V*. Big surprise! :rolleyes: With some remorse, de-install for 11/15. I'll really miss (believe it or not) Gunslinger V* exclusive. Definitely have not ruled out V* for the future....but they need to re-invent their customer relations/retention...
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    Moving and V* policy = no good options

    LOL...I think it's going to end up being 'boned'. I e-mailed Wilt and he said he would check into it. That was a few days ago. Have not heard back. I know thats not a lot of time...but we don't have it decision wise irregardless if I'm partialy to blame. (procrastination) I called V* the...
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    It's Election Day, Guys, Relax With A Little Humor!

    Good one. The 'hips' move was the funniest of the bunch.
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    Moving and V* policy = no good options

    Thanks for the comments so far. The moving the dish and just calling them up is a good really is the principle of the whole thing thats rubbing me bad. V* has shown no interest in trying to keep a long(ish) term customer. Not much incentive if you ask me to stick with them...
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    Are you going to vote?

    I live in NY and it's already a given that Kerry gets the nod. I'm still voting anyhow....and along the same line.
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    Moving and V* policy = no good options

    What would you guys/gals do? Serious quandry here as we (read 'I') like the programming and would like to keep V*. Problem is that V* isn't doing anything to keep us. I've called on two occasions giving them the opportunity to throw us a bone with some sort of deal. Nothing! Why would a...
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    Perfect Vision raves about VOOM

    I think what Perfect Vision is saying is that they love the content/concept of V* as we all's just the implementation of it thats so disconcerting. Among other things. ;)
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    Does Voom DVi connection have HDCP?

    I wouldn't read to much into it, especially sine it's now working. Just chalk it up to a 'hand shake' discombobulation ( yes, I know it's not a real word ;) ) issue between the two units.
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    VOOM Subscribers By Region

    NY. The welfare state.....errr Empire state.
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    Big Screen Dilema

    Fat chance....well, legally at least.
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    Big Screen Dilema

    I'd sell it. That $1600 offer for a set thats a 2002 - 2003 year product (were at the 2004 -2005 product year) is pretty good. Take it while you can.
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    A final cry for help from a Voom subscriber soon to be forced into cancelling.

    Thats why I suggested earlier to take matters into your own hands. I know there is a principle involved here but if you can honestly look into the future and see yourself with being a sat customer and/or wanting to pick-up your local OTA digital stations, then go out and purchase an antenna and...
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    New VA-VA-VOOMER!!!!

    Theres pros and cons with V*, but I suspect you were already aware of that before leaping and getting a subscription, so welcome aboard and keep the positive aspects of it in the forefront....and the negatives won't be so bad. The amount of programming (fluff and all) is unbeatable for the...