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  1. Pepper

    Finally rid of ATT DSL- forever!

    "Every time AT&T loses a customer, an angel gets its wings." - me
  2. Pepper

    What would make the equipment better

    Perhaps in the spirit of the thread, there could be an "enthusiast" device for those of us so obsessed. With enough horsepower and storage space, a Hopper device could record the entire Western or Eastern Arc, just a direct dump of each individual transponder, archived for a reasonable period...
  3. Pepper

    What would make the equipment better

    Hopper 3 already captures the entire WA/EA into its single SAT-in port. Though they stopped counting at 16, the theoretical number of "tuners" supported is infinity.
  4. Pepper

    Problems with Hopper 3 is it just me?

    Speaking of YouTube, the YT app on the Hopper 3 seems to periodically just quit working, display a black screen or error message "something went wrong" or just cause the entire box to have no audio output even after exiting YT back to normal operation, reboot being the only solution.
  5. Pepper

    Downgrading hardware etc questions

    Just to update. I ended up canceling the account. What I may do, is look into getting a Wally or a 211 (k,z) and setup “tailgating” on my account so I’ll have something to use there in addition to when I go camping. Thanks to everyone who commented.
  6. Pepper

    Downgrading hardware etc questions

    I did not realize that there is now a fee for not having a DVR. Or another way of looking at it is they stealthily increased the price by $7 but DVR fee is actually only $8, not $15. Just canceling the account and using an antenna for locals seems the most logical choice the more I think about it.
  7. Pepper

    Hopper 3 what else does this DVR need

    More apps. Vudu, Movies Anywhere, FandangoNow, BlazeTV, FoxNation, Hallmark, Disney+, basically the streaming app for any service out there that people subscribe to A proper web browser and support for usb attached wired or Bluetooth keyboards and mice Support two of the dual OTA tuners so it...
  8. Pepper

    Downgrading hardware etc questions

    I believe that’s incorrect, the $7 for the first receiver is included in the base package price, the $15 is a DVR fee. I have the bill down to $60 now which is Flex, DVR and Joey. If I can find a 211 or Wally cheap, I will swap them out and send the Hopper and Joey back. That should drop it to...
  9. Pepper

    Downgrading hardware etc questions

    Hi guys, it’s been a while. I have a couple questions. I have a Hopper 3 and nothing else in my house. My dad has recently passed away. At his house is a Hopper 3 and a Joey. All equipment in both locations is leased. Question 1. While we are cleaning out and prepping Dad’s house for eventual...
  10. Pepper

    Any Must Have's on Tuesday?

    Regarding 3D Marvel collection: I have had good luck with finding the older ones on eBay, while on the newer ones seems to occasionally have good deals if you're willing to wait.
  11. Pepper

    Phone apps for dish pointing / satellite finding

    I'm putting this thread out here because all I found was a closed thread about the DishPointer app. I'm hoping to hear what apps everyone has tried and see if there's a consensus on what works well or not. DishPointer is $19.99 so I am trying the free ones first of course. I'll start: right now...
  12. Pepper

    Doctor Who

    On "Rosa" - I thought it was entertaining and educational. The "Timeless" bit about "oh no, he's changing history. We must manipulate things back to the correct path by becoming part of it" seemed forced and a bit tedious after the third or fourth twist. The "white supremacist" alien from the...
  13. Pepper

    Updating to Hooper3

    After about a week with a ViP622 the new wore off and it became obvious that Dual Mode was useless unless you only have one HD TV. I ran HDMI cables and we got used to having the same thing on in every room from the single DVR. Later we upgraded to a Hopper 3. With the ViP DVR, or with a Hopper...
  14. Pepper

    iOS 12 beta

    Well, seems Apple has improved their iOS development a bit since the last time I looked closely. I did some poking around on Download iOS Firmware for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and Apple TV. and discovered that with some of the recent models, they are no longer building a separate...
  15. Pepper

    iOS 12 beta

    Well that's true, but unless they're all identical models, you'll be downloading a copy for each one any way you do it. Not like Windows or MacOS where you can get an ISO/DMG and install every machine from it, each copy of iOS is customized for the specific device model configuration.
  16. Pepper

    iOS 12 beta

    You know you can download it direct to the phone over WiFi, right? Took less than an hour for me.
  17. Pepper

    iOS 12 beta

    I went ahead and took the update, will see how it does.
  18. Pepper

    iOS 12 beta

    Questions for those already on iOS 12: 1. Is it possible yet to dismiss all notifications at once, or do you still have to dismiss one at a time until you go back far enough where they are grouped? That, plus the bug where my MS band keeps repeating the same notifications over and over until I...
  19. Pepper

    New iphones for Fall 2018 Rumors and facts

    I would be curious to know exactly what the CEO of a trillion-dollar company considers to be expensive. I'm guessing not much.
  20. Pepper

    New iphones for Fall 2018 Rumors and facts

    Well they already skipped iPhone 9 and nobody cared.
  21. Pepper

    Flex pack is still a great value, are the rules still the same?

    In an ideal world, you could choose from a list of all available channels, and pay whatever Dish pays for each channel you want (plus their reasonable markup/profit margin) thus building an a la carte bundle of whatever channels you like. For me it might be a dozen or so channels. That will...
  22. Pepper


    I have a 65 inch TV, and during the Olympics, I could definitely tell the difference. During the World Cup, it did not seem nearly as great.
  23. Pepper

    Channel guide question

    Correct, ecause it is an app, not a TV channel. It accesses via the network connection.
  24. Pepper

    Flex pack is still a great value, are the rules still the same?

    Some of the older posts I found after posting this one indicated Latino and SiriusXM might be different. Just wanted to find someone who has done it recently to tell me if it still works or not. Per usual, I can't find that detail on DISH website.
  25. Pepper

    Flex pack is still a great value, are the rules still the same?

    I have just switched back to FLEX after a while and saved about $50 on my bill, still a great value depending on which channels you can and can't live without. Question: Are the rules for Flex pack still the same regarding adding and removing add-ons without the dreaded $5 programming change...