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  1. Hyper Casey

    3 Body Problem - Netflix

    Watched it on Netflix (had no idea it was on Prime). I liked it. Really loved the first 4 episodes, then the last 4 still good but not great. Lots of plot holes for sure, but enjoyable. Gengis Khans army scenes, now that alone was worth watching.
  2. Hyper Casey

    new to Edision

    Great news 4311wade! These new advanced receiver running on Linux take some time to learn for sure, but once you do you will never want to go back. And cyberham is correct, the Edision OS Mini 4K S2X is just like the Edision OS Mio 4K and 4K+. Same family of receivers, firmware images will look...
  3. Hyper Casey

    UFL (United Football League) Spring 2024 Schedule

    The United Football League (UFL) is a professional American football minor league scheduled to start play in March 2024. The league was created following the merger of the latest incarnations of the XFL and United States Football League (USFL). It consists of eight teams, all of whom were...
  4. Hyper Casey

    Survivor 46

    No, No, i am SOOO tired of Boston Rob and Sandra, i hope i never see them again. But i did like the show better in their time, was more real and raw. Heck you could watch them wither away as the season went on. But i am still watching with the wife 23 years now and counting lol.
  5. Hyper Casey

    Satellite Antenna Made From Umbrella & Emergency Blanket

    I bet that kid had so much fun on that 1.2M Sled. And his friends probably think he got some super expensive exotic sled. Was the dish a Geosatpro or a Fortec or something? Probably his friends went home and told mom and dad they want a Geosatpro sled for Christmas lol
  6. Hyper Casey

    Satellite Antenna Made From Umbrella & Emergency Blanket

    Well that is pretty cool ... I always wondered if those old metal circular sleds we all had back in the day would work for a sat dish. Some people have too much time on their hands, and i am glad for them, it provides entertainment for the rest of us.
  7. Hyper Casey

    C-Band dish positioner

    I will add this - the Might Mini ED does NOT support DiSEqC 1.2, while the PR1200 does.
  8. Hyper Casey

    GT Media ATSC 3.0 TV Tuner Stick for TVs and Smartphones Review

    Tvland1 - you may be in luck. My guy over at GTMedia just emailed me yesterday and i quote: "Do you know who owns Fire TV and like to do some testing for us? because we are publishing the HDTV Player APP to Amazon APP Store." So looks like they are working on it, and if my wife will let me...
  9. Hyper Casey

    WJRT ABC 12 Mid-Michigan TheGrio issue and adding THIS TV

    Talked with an Engineer friend at WJRT ABC 12 today. On Jan 1st 2024 a new Diginet channel called TheGrio was to replace Circle on subchannel 12.3. That did not happen, Circle TV left and 12.3 just shows "New Channel Coming Soon". He told me they are waiting on some equipment to come in to get...
  10. Hyper Casey

    GT Media ATSC 3.0 TV Tuner Stick for TVs and Smartphones Review

    I also have been testing the HDTV Mate with the GTMEDIA G2 Plus Android Box. I tested it out for about 5-6 hours today. I REALLY want to LOVE the HDTV Mate but there are some issue that need to be worked out, no doubt about it. This is the first time i have had something that will do ATSC3.0, so...
  11. Hyper Casey

    Invacom QPH-031 Ku LNB

    FYI - Regarding the INVACOM QPH-031 Circular and Linear Polarity Quad Polar LNBF. We have 20 pcs left in stock. Once these are gone, they are gone forever. Get this legendary Ku Band LNBF while you can.
  12. Hyper Casey

    From Satellite Talk to a Thriving Community: SatelliteGuys Turns 20!

    100% agree. In the world of Satellite TV related forums, it's one of a kind.
  13. Hyper Casey

    From Satellite Talk to a Thriving Community: SatelliteGuys Turns 20!

    20 Years is quite an accomplishment. 2 Decades! That is making history ...... Thanks Scott G. :drunk
  14. Hyper Casey

    NFL 2023-2024 Season

    Did you all see the Rams/Seahawks game with Geno Smith saying "C'mon" to Aaron Donald, and when Aaron came at him, Geno cried out "Oh My God". All picked up by the sideline mic. Google it, it is hilarious.
  15. Hyper Casey

    RG-6 connectors

    In the image of the original post, the cable preparation is just too sloppy, and this is why your connectors will not push on. Your coax stripper tool needs to make 2 cuts, 1 cutting the outer pvc jacket and the other cutting down to the dilectric (white portion). This portion of the coax...
  16. Hyper Casey

    Zapperbox M1 Review - ATSC 3.0 NextGen Tuner Box with 4K HDR

    Looks like they (Zapperbox) did indeed release firmware to add DVR on Aug 28th, 2023 I dont have one, so can not comment on how it works. Coming Soon according to the release notes v2.2 Support for Secure Content (aka DRM/Encrypted Channels)...
  17. Hyper Casey

    OTHER United States Postal Service Ku band dish

    "The postmaster told me that it is very difficult to acquire government property and that he didn't even know who to suggest to follow up with." This alone tells me you should move on, he is not willing to work with you. :(
  18. Hyper Casey

    Peacock becomes home of first-ever exclusive live streamed NFL playoff game

    I was able to watch the Michigan vs Eastern Carolina game on Peacock this past Saturday. I have to say the stream was pretty great actually. No announcer audio for about 5 minutes in the first half, but otherwise worked well.
  19. Hyper Casey

    SOLD!! Edision OS Mio+ 4K S2X Dual Tuner FTA Receiver

    For Sale - Edision OS Mio+ 4K S2X Dual Tuner FTA Receiver My personal test unit, in GREAT condition, works perfectly, just no longer need it. See pics. Comes with all accessories, in the gift box. Remote Included is BRAND NEW, NEVER USED! TNAP 5.1 is loaded. $185 - Ship Included anywhere...
  20. Hyper Casey

    Edision OS Mio+ 4k Now Available at Hypermegasat

    These (Edision OS MIO+ 4K S2X) are out of stock now at, and we can no longer get them, BUT, we do have a shipment of Edision OS MINI 4K S2X on the way and should arrive Monday 8/3/23. And these will be more affordable for everyone. Casey HyperMegaSat
  21. Hyper Casey

    Can a Digiwave DWD60T pull in FTA?

    Agree with primastar31, this 24" dish is just too small. 30 " is too small really although you may get some stronger signals. You really need 36" for reliable Ku signals especially these days with many signals being DVB-S2.
  22. Hyper Casey

    NFL 2023-2024 Season

    RB pay problem if it is to be fixed it will fix itself over time. I remember back in the 80's when RBs were paid at a premium, and all they did was run the ball. Todays game with the modenr offense, backs need to be able to run routes and catch passes. Perhaps over time, as these skills...
  23. Hyper Casey

    NFL 2023-2024 Season

    I am just realizing that we are now 7 Days away from NFL Football! The 2023 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game is set to kick off on Thursday, Aug. 3 at 8 p.m. ET. The showdown between the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets will kick off the NFL's 104th season in the city where the league came to...
  24. Hyper Casey

    Budget C-band LNB Recommendation

    100% agree with FTA4PA. The Titanium C238 if you need dual output. These are well worth the money, with great support, and the latest technology. And if you are on a budget try coupon code "Satguys Save" in the promo code box for a 15% discount. Dont know if this is still active, but worth a try.