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  1. spongella

    8/31/2021 Band Opening

    Did a scan around 7:30am on 8/31, received digital TV stations from MD and Washington, DC using a Winegard antenna and preamp pointed in a SW direction. WDCW, WDVM, WFDC and WPMT were the four stations receive, not bad for my NJ location. All stations were fading in a out though. Exciting...
  2. spongella

    Radio Shack Still Exists! I Visit a Store Still in Business

    Thanks Tyler. I sure miss our store in Flemington, NJ. You can also visit the Radio Shack website.
  3. spongella

    AMIKO New to Ku Band

    Welcome to the hobby. Keep at it. When I first started in the hobby 12 years ago it took me 3 months to find my first satellite. But, I was working completely on my own and in the dark. One thing I found out pretty quick was that the location of your dish will affect reception. Moving the dish...
  4. spongella

    Two Analog TV Stations Received

    Thanks for all the replies. Geronimo may be correct, it's probably from CT. Reason is that there was a commercial for Shen Yun dance company at the Palace Theater in Stamford. Of course it could be a station from NY that covers CT. I live in Western NJ so it was definitely a DX station.
  5. spongella

    E-Skip season has arrived!

    Great going, thanks,
  6. spongella

    Two Analog TV Stations Received

    Haven't posted in a while. Hope everyone's doing well. On a routine scan of OTA TV stations on 7/9/2021 around 2:30 pm local time in my area I picked up 2 analog TV stations. Both were transmitting the same material but one was clear, other was snowy. Clear one was on RF channel 4 (low VHF)...
  7. spongella


    Haldiram's Indian snacks were at Walmart, very tasty. Bought a bag of this particular mix.
  8. spongella

    varying signal strength between transponders

    Well, even transponders on the same satellite can have varying signal strengths so what you are seeing is normal.
  9. spongella

    Get Your Red Hot LNB's

    Well for a tad under 10 grand you can get an Ku LNB, free shipping. Hurry, hurry, hurry!
  10. spongella

    Anybody else here like “Antenna Man” on YouTube?

    I've exchanged numerous emails with him regarding antennas and OTA TV in general. He always responds and has valuable experience to share. Back in the '60's I worked for a TV-Radio-Appliance shop and installed TV antennas so what he is doing reminds me of my youth. He's definitely found...
  11. spongella

    Anybody else here like “Antenna Man” on YouTube?

    He's an antenna genius. Am glad to see a young person doing this type of work as most of those who did these installations are long gone.
  12. spongella

    Mrs. Dash is Now Just Dash

    Watch out Mr. Clean.
  13. spongella

    Mrs. Dash is Now Just Dash

    I think, if they wanted to change the name, it should have been at least Dash's, not Dash. The human component/factor associated with the product is now gone. Besides, Dash is the name of a laundry detergent.
  14. spongella

    Neat story about last remaining analog NTSC TV stations

    Tyler is an OTA whiz. We have two analog stations that I still receive here in NJ, but weakly.
  15. spongella

    Civil War Widow Passes Away At 101 Yrs

    If he could marry a 17 year old when he was 93, then there's hope for all of us hihi.
  16. spongella

    Civil War Widow Passes Away At 101 Yrs

    Odd thing was she never applied for the pension when he died.
  17. spongella

    Civil War Widow Passes Away At 101 Yrs Amazing. She married at age 17 to a 93 year old Civil War vet.
  18. spongella

    Odd Couple Marathon Today on Decades TV

    Whoopee, Felix and Oscar marathon today. I get Decades on WDPN-TV in DE. Yagi pointed in that direction for the best signal from here in NJ.
  19. spongella

    Mrs. Dash is Now Just Dash

    Went to buy some Mrs. Dash seasoning yesterday and couldn't find any, so I bought a product that I thought was similar and it is called "Dash." Come to find out the company removed the "Mrs" from the original product last February. When will this nonsense end?
  20. spongella

    Did Your Interest in Radio Start with One of These?

    In the '60's Popular Mechanics published an article on how to build a "Foxhole " radio using a razor blade and a pencil lead. Didn't work for me though.
  21. spongella

    Did Your Interest in Radio Start with One of These?

    Yes, I bought it at a hamfest but my mom got me one in the late 50's.
  22. spongella

    Smoking Meat?

    Smoked salmon and some pulled chicken the other day, good eatin'. Used apple chips.
  23. spongella

    New OTA Antenna Installation - Winegard YA7000C Review

    Reason I bought his antenna is that it includes low VHF. I also bought the preamp just to be on the safe side.