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  1. NotMe546

    Is the Roku stick any good?

    Spend a little more and get a roku 2 (4210) which is basically a 3. The difference is night and day. Just make sure you get a 4210 the 2700 are slow. check out craigslist..
  2. NotMe546


    But I don"t think she ever wears the same outfit twice. :eeek
  3. NotMe546

    Epix 1 Month Free Promo

    That took 60 seconds for them to say NO.
  4. NotMe546

    Epix 1 Month Free Promo

    I just drop to Welcome pack and the offers tab is now gone. :eeek After being with dish at lest 10+ years I think they just gave me another reason to pull the plug.
  5. NotMe546

    Legendary Artist David Bowie Dies at 69

    May he R.I.P. David Bowie has died after a battle with cancer, his representative confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.
  6. NotMe546

    Deadwood Movie? Maybe!

    The last episode aired Aug 27 2006.... So why bother.
  7. NotMe546


    I think she looks even better in a two piece. :clapping
  8. NotMe546

    BBC America and Weather Channel

    I find BBC America to be one big scam, half the time we are paying for American movies and shows: Star Trek Man vs. Wild Terminator 3 Transporter 2 Transporter 3 Kitchen Nightmares, just to name a few. IMHO BBC has gone to the dogs. Paying a premium for a channel where you can get most of the...
  9. NotMe546


    She might just have a little problem filling it out. :eek
  10. NotMe546

    Pat Harrington Jr. of ‘One Day at a Time’ dies at 86

    May he RIP. Pat Harrington Jr., the veteran comic actor who won an Emmy Award for playing nosy but endearing apartment building super Dwayne Schneider in the long-running TV situation comedy “One Day at a Time,” died at the age of 86, his daughter said on Thursday.
  11. NotMe546

    Canada Is Unbundling TV, Here's What That Looks Like

    We can only hope.
  12. NotMe546


    It ended as a love store... :coco
  13. NotMe546

    12/17/2015 21:59 - Uplink Report - 23 Changes

    I don't have that channel. But it's a start lets hope the rest of the spanish channels wake up.
  14. NotMe546

    12/17/2015 21:59 - Uplink Report - 23 Changes

    Can someone show me one Spanish channel that does have English as SAP?
  15. NotMe546

    12/17/2015 21:59 - Uplink Report - 23 Changes

    Does it have English for the 2nd audio? Or is that asking too much!!!!!!
  16. NotMe546


    Better yet what was he smoking...... :eeek
  17. NotMe546

    Casino says woman's $8.5 million win is 'malfunction'

    Wow. I think I would lose it!!! A woman who won $8.5 million off a slot machine at a Washington casino didn't receive the payout. The casino claims the machine was 'malfunctioned.' VPC
  18. NotMe546


    I would think if she had wardrobe like this it would be good for the shows ratings.:eeek
  19. NotMe546

    ESPN made 2 critical mistakes, and now it's paying the price

    $6-per-subscriber fee from the cable companies. :eeek:eeek:eeek:eeek:eeek:eeek:eeek It's a shame that ESPN is cutting 300 employees. But it's been a long time coming for subscribers to stop subsidizing TV sports. Obviously less and less people want it!!!
  20. NotMe546


    Wow. My bad... :eeek But I did look at the date before I posted it. It's from a day ago.
  21. NotMe546

    TV Lifeline: Which Shows Have Been Renewed or Cancelled?

    Some I'm surprised about. TV Lifeline
  22. NotMe546


    Longmire (A&E): Renewed by Netflix for Season 4 I'm a happy camper. :clapping
  23. NotMe546


    I agree. :clapping Also I think she has at least one tattoo.
  24. NotMe546


    So am I. That's why I use IMDB which is usually a great help. But unfortunately they haven't changed her name yet.