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  1. Rick214

    ViP 622 & 722 Running Bug Thread

    I powered up my 622 today and a message on the screen said something to the effect that the hard drive was corrupted and it had to erase everything on the hard drive to fix it. My only choice was a "delete" button. I pressed the enter button but nothing happened so I unplugged the 622, waited a...
  2. Rick214

    Welcome to the NEW SatelliteGuys!

    I REALLY like having this navigation area (not sure what it's called) at the top AND the bottom of the thread page: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SatelliteGuys.US > SatelliteGuys Central > SatelliteGuys Operations Center...
  3. Rick214

    50,000 MEMBERS 24 Hour Contest! is where I can count on to get the real scoop - 1st!
  4. Rick214

    Free Upgrade to a 622?

    I called the main number but chose the selection for tech support., then chose the option for "all other problems". Got a very nice american english speaking person who explained all the details but when I was ready to close the deal she had to transfer me to a "special department" that sets it...
  5. Rick214

    SatelliteGuys 1000th Day Giveaway

    I like free stuff! Thanks Sat Guys!
  6. Rick214

    NFL Sunday Ticket in HD - Options?

    I have cable and E* and have had NFL Sunday Ticket (ST) only (grandfathered) for the past few years with D* - I don't want D*'s crappy HD anymore, even if just for NFL ST. If I understand correctly, both BEV and Starchoice have NFL ST. Which one will give me the most/best SD/HD quality NFL...
  7. Rick214

    Phone Line - Yes, No, or Broadband?

    I'd love to not have a land line bill but besides the STB I need a land line for my house alarm system. I only have the base phone plan which bottom line costs $19 and we use our cell phones for long distance calls
  8. Rick214

    Sunday Ticket Super Fan Question

    You've got it straight (except I've also got E*) I didn't think it was possible either. Like I said I was fully expecting to have to subscribe to a package when I called to add SF.
  9. Rick214

    Sunday Ticket Super Fan Question

    The past 2 years the only programming I've had from D* was NFL ST (a la carte). I've read on AVS and elsewhere that this year to get ST you would have to have a base D* programming package such as total choice - or at the least one of the spanish packages at $29.99. I had resigned myself that I...
  10. Rick214

    Dish Network directly or from local retailer??

    I went with a local dealer because they had a 942 in stock and would install the next day. Only AFTER the system was installed did they present me with THEIR contract - in addition to E*'s standard contract. Their contract stipulates that if I cancel even ONE DAY shy of a year then I owe the...
  11. Rick214

    2 separate contracts for DishNetwork?

    Well it looks like I'll be a faithful E* customer for at least the next 356 days. I made the rounds through the initial CSR, to technical support to the cancellation department who said the E* contract I signed was tied to the local company. If I don't sign the local company's contract my...
  12. Rick214

    2 separate contracts for DishNetwork?

    I agree with your statements. I'm going to call E* today to see if they agree with this. Thanks for your input.
  13. Rick214

    2 separate contracts for DishNetwork?

    The pay TV market seems to be constantly changing and evolving. With MPEG-4 coming and HD programming growing, why be stuck in a unreasonable ($500 fee, $750 for 942, not prorated) contract? I want to be able to go with whoever gives me the best quality and then the most HD. If D* gets their HD...
  14. Rick214

    2 separate contracts for DishNetwork?

    I'm past 3 days so I guess I'm *%^&#@ :(
  15. Rick214

    2 separate contracts for DishNetwork?

    The problem I have with this local company is that they did not tell me about the terms of THEIR contract until AFTER they installed the system. If the installer would have shown me the "Pre-installation sales agreement" before he started the install like he was supposed to - I would have told...
  16. Rick214

    2 separate contracts for DishNetwork?

    I recently had E* installed by a local satellite company. When I initially called them they said I had to agree to a 1 year commitment. I said yes because I was thinking it was the 1 year agreement that I've read about on E*'s web site: if you cancel service before 1 year, then you pay $20 per...
  17. Rick214

    Anybody got a MX-700 remote control file for the 942?

    I found one! PM with an email address if you'd like a copy. Seems to work pretty well. ............. Rick
  18. Rick214

    Post your VOOM Activation Stories here

    Got E* installed yesterday with 942. After the installer called E* to activate the account he gave me the phone and I asked the CSR for a 2nd dish to get all available local channels (2 "must carry" channels on 61.5). Said no problem, was able to schedule the 61.5 dish install for today...
  19. Rick214

    Anybody got a MX-700 remote control file for the 942?

    Anybody NEED a MX-700 remote control file for the 942? I've searched AVS and and I can't find one - a Home Theater Master MX-700 remote control .mxf file for the 942. Anyone made one they'd like to share? thanks .................. Rick Edit: Found a .mxd file so...
  20. Rick214

    942 Tv2

    I read somewhere on here that to get around this limitation you can just have the 942 start to record the OTA channel then you can start watching it on TV2. I get my 942 tomorrow so I'll check that out for myself.
  21. Rick214

    I need a Club Dish Referral number

    Got one - thanks!
  22. Rick214

    I need a Club Dish Referral number

    Please PM me
  23. Rick214

    PUB Members should check the PUB area for special message?

    OK thanks ... please disregard the email I just sent you. I'm sure the confusion was because I use a different email address with PayPal than in my profile here. thanks again .............. Rick
  24. Rick214

    PUB Members should check the PUB area for special message?

    This is posted on the main page: "PUB Members should check the PUB area for special message" I go to the PUB Members Forum and it says "There have been no posts in the last 30 days in this forum." What's up? Edit: I see I'm not being listed as a contributer - I am - Mod. please PM me.
  25. Rick214

    The Association of Consumers to Preserve and Promote DBS Competition

    The wife and I both joined (I'll tell her later) :D