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  1. lindat

    SOLD!! Bose Lifestyle 650 - NEW IN BOX - Factory Sealed

    Retail:$3999 Selling: $2900 plus shipping
  2. lindat


    YEA from the Ft. Lauderdale area!!!!!!
  3. lindat

    Cox Media Group dispute

    I care! This is getting to be a trend with Dish. First FOX, the HBO and now this! I hate watching my show via streaming. When are we getting bach our channels!!!
  4. lindat

    Scripps Stations dispute?

    Anyone know if there has been any progress to get our stations back?
  5. lindat

    Netflix streaming

    ATT - no logon for router. Yes, I can stream it jut fine thru the TV - it is only thru Dish that there is a problem.
  6. lindat

    Netflix streaming

    Everything else works just fine. It is only Netflix I cant get to load.
  7. lindat

    Netflix streaming

    There is no error. The ap will not load - it flashes in and out. And... its a nightmare to get out of the ap because it does not load and flashes on the screen.
  8. lindat

    Netflix streaming

    Wireless to router. All other streaming service work just fine. Only Netflix thru Dish has this issue.
  9. lindat

    Netflix streaming

    Nope - did not work....
  10. lindat

    Netflix streaming

    Thanks I will try this. 1577810844 Download Speed 53.7 Mbps (6712.5 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed 11.61 Mbps (1451.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency 37 ms
  11. lindat

    Netflix streaming

    I was overjoyed when Dish added Netflix streaming to the menu, but my joy was short lived. When I try to use either channel it is listed on the channel does not come in. I called support and their solution was to go thru the menu. That worked once, but now has the same issue. Anyone else...
  12. lindat

    FOX Dispute?

    Anyone know what's going on with Fox locals in Miami? Did we get this station back?
  13. lindat

    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    Don't care for NFL sports but the new season brought Prodigal Son - two shows in - I really like and the husband likes to watch the Sunday funnies. I bought a powered antenna, 4k and all ... the damn thing only works only so-so. Picture distorted. Supposed to be rated for 130 miles. The...