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  1. Cold Irons

    OTA channels are constantly searching for signal

    Can't imagine movement affecting OTA. Given that it has worked fine but has many years of use, I'd suspect a loose or corroded connection up at the antenna.
  2. Cold Irons

    Joey 4?

    I just know, watching the disussion, that the Joey 4K shouldn't have been named that... ...but since it was, probably should have used "Joey 5" for the new android/hopper-plus one. I've seen so much confusion caused for folks new to Dish over the similar name.
  3. Cold Irons

    Joey and Dish Anywhere app

    That's more of a corporate business level question, not something the CSR's would be equipped to answer. Just a waste of their time from their perspective, so they were just answering to get you off the line. I assume you didn't expect them to waive the Joey fee. Basic answer is probably that...
  4. Cold Irons

    A day after leaving Dish Network, CEO starts as head of real estate giant, Erik Carlson was hired by Re/Max Holdings Inc.

    As I understand it, the issue is splitting commison between buyer & seller agents. Has never really made sense to me, but now it's at least being questioned.
  5. Cold Irons

    What happened to the PBS stations?

    In the DC case, they all came back on a couple of days ago. Strange it was just the UHF channels; assuming UHF/VHF distinction still even exists nowdays.
  6. Cold Irons

    Nexstar Channels in Washington DC DMA

    Discussed here: What happened to the PBS stations? More than just the PBS first it was channels 20, 25, 26, 32, 50, 62.
  7. Cold Irons

    What happened to the PBS stations?

    Well, they all came back for a day; non-PBS 20, 50; PBS: 32, 26, 62 all good. Got a couple of shows on DVR. Now, are still getting 20 & 26 &32 OK, but 50 & 62 back to the "we know, don't call" slate. Strange symptoms, still assume they've just lost the local-to-dish feed.
  8. Cold Irons

    What happened to the PBS stations?

    Turns out that 2 other, non-PBS channels, 20 and 50 are behaving the same, with the same slate as the PBS channels.. All the main network channels (4-NBC, 5-FOX, 7-ABC, 9-CBS) are all OK.
  9. Cold Irons

    What happened to the PBS stations?

    And...DC area PBS stations still unavailable on Dish today. Channels 26, 32, 62 all show the same slate saying "There is no need to call us. We are aware this TV station is temporarily unavailable and we will have this channel back as quickly as possible." Really tough to keep up with all the...
  10. Cold Irons

    Any $DISH stock holders here?

    Someone who hasn't paid attention to the whole of the Stock Market over the last few months. Who hasn't been "pummeled into the ground"?
  11. Cold Irons

    Dish and DirecTV once again in talks despite antitrust.

    I don't know if it is a monopoly or not, but it is not true that "The "service" (receiving TV content) is available via multiple avenues.." for lots of people. If you don't have the option of cable and also are not served by any other broadband (a situation many folks are in) then the only...
  12. Cold Irons

    Power supply conversion

    As someone who wrote weapon control software for Navy Destroyers for 30+ years, this should be pretty easy to do (much easier than a ship in the North Atlantic). If this in-motion sat antenna hardware & software is correctly designed, it should be able to track the satellites while a vehicle is...
  13. Cold Irons

    Dish ANywhere data usage question

    I can attest to what NYDutch says. In June a big storm left a large tree branch on the roof. In the process of removing it & dropping pieces to the ground, we hit the dish on a pole at the side of the house, bending the dish itself. While waiting for the service call we used the fire stick and...
  14. Cold Irons

    722 has just died

    Ditto to navychop; absolutely insist on a Hopper 3.
  15. Cold Irons

    Eastern arc satellites ?

    Part A = Hospitalization, in-patient care - this is free Part B = Outpatient, Doctors office, etc. has a monthly fee. The monthly fee goes up (penalty 10% per year)) for each year after 65 that you don't enroll (with some exceptions) Part D = Prescription Drugs - also a penalty unless you have...
  16. Cold Irons

    Too many Commercials!!... Stop It!!

    When you "Ignore" the right people, it still is.
  17. Cold Irons

    Using receiver at another location

    I can second the Amazon Fire/Dish Anywhere solution. Cheap & easy, watch anything on your DVR or guide from your H3, etc. We also use it when travelling in hotels & AirB&Bs to watch DVR & you can view live home-team sports not viewable where we are staying.
  18. Cold Irons

    Did H316 do this or has something else gone wrong?

    We had this happen to us a couple weeks ago; didn't seem to be related to this update, but could be wrong. Some of the few prime time shows where we have timers were only going to PTAT. Had to restore these show timers to get back to normal.
  19. Cold Irons

    Tegna Dispute - how much longer?! I sit here watching the CBS NFL Playoff game between SF & Dallas on Amazon Prime (with great PQ), not sure what Tegna is hoping to gain, at least from me. They've just convinced me that there's nothing other than sports on CBS that I have to have, and there are other avenues for that...
  20. Cold Irons

    ballysports with Dish

    Good luck finding that TV service. OTOH, If I weren't happy with Dish & what they give me for the money, I'd just move elsewhere.
  21. Cold Irons

    Questions before ordering an install

    I guess it varies; I got a pole mount for no extra charge when I moved my H3/Joey here in 2018. It was a Dish tech & even the facia mount was pretty high. Nice job of locating it out of the way. Dug the hole/set the pole & by the time he ran all the coax & got the receivers unboxed, the...
  22. Cold Irons

    PC Video on TV. Hopper Feature?

    This is just normal "casting" as far as I know. I've always been able to cast YouTube to my smart TV, my Hopper 3 (Living Room 1) or my Joey (Bedroom 1) or my Google smart speaker (not much use for a video...).
  23. Cold Irons

    Loyal Dish customer longevity

    "Recite the receiver's you've had!...No" Like this reply. I would be completely unable to do this; I know I got a 501 DVR when I first joined Dish in 2001 (after a lightning strike killed my BUD system). I know, when I left my rural house in 2016 I had a 722 and a 612; in between I had a...
  24. Cold Irons

    dish hopper only recording end of program FOX

    Yeah, nothing like that here on Hopper 3 on our Fox. Can't believe you've put up with this for so long.